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ZOOMLION and Belarus industrial department "alliance" cooperation to push – Beijing Beijing in September 30 Changsha Xinhua (reporter Liu Shuangshuang) the evening of September 29th, ZOOMLION and Belarus signed a long-term cooperation agreement, the Ministry of industry planning in the Great Hall of the people. At the signing ceremony, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of the board of directors of Belarus and the Minister of industry, including the signing of the depth of cooperation projects, including engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, sanitation machinery, including the agreement of, ZOOMLION. In 2008, ZOOMLION the first to eat crab acquisition of the world’s third largest concrete machinery giant Italy CIFA, this is the first time Chinese engineering machinery industry overseas mergers and acquisitions, also opened a prelude to the global layout. Since then, the company is headquartered in Changsha enterprise has acquired Germany M-TEC, Holland Raxtar, Italy Ladurner, the establishment of the joint venture company in India; through targeted overseas mergers and acquisitions and foreign investment, to achieve the transfer of advantage capacity, consolidate the leading position, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of key areas. As the industry entered a period of adjustment, domestic overcapacity, Lazi Belarus, into overseas local business becomes an important one of ZOOMLION international chess. In May 2015, ZOOMLION overseas construction projects located in the Belarus capital of Minsk in the white industrial park project was officially launched, a total investment of $30 million, is expected to put the annual sales revenue of $300 million, for the creation of local jobs directly 500. Currently, the first joint venture in the white industrial park has been off the assembly line, including 40 tons of truck crane, a total of 60 tons of truck crane and 16 tons of sanitation road sweeper, the brand named ZOOMLION-MAZ. August 29, 2016, in Belarus, capital of Minsk, ZOOMLION and Belarus veteran manufacturing company MAZ Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the formal establishment of the joint venture ZOOMLION -MAZ. At present, the joint venture is located in Mogilev Industrial Zone, will hire MAZ group’s special vehicle factory MTM production facilities for assembly and production. According to the plan, by 2019, after the completion of the ZOOMLION white Industrial Park, the joint venture will be officially moved to the white Industrial Park operations. Just one month later, ZOOMLION and the Belarus Ministry of industry once again "handshake", the content of cooperation extends to almost all current ZOOMLION focus plate, which shows the two sides have entered the love period". ZOOMLION chairman Zhan Chunxin said earlier, will make full use of the industrial base in white Industrial Park regional advantage, advantage of the platform and Belarus, combined with their own research and development of advanced manufacturing technology, to create a market Silk Road Economic Belt covered Eastern Europe and Central Asia R & D, manufacturing base. (end)相关的主题文章:

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