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Zidane: C Luoou will crown into 100 balls 1 to Real Madrid without fear of [5-2] ban battle Real Madrid Osasuna C Ronaldo Ramos flute Bo Zidane joy C Luo Jiangong World War goal Tencent sports news September 11th return to Real Madrid (data) victory over Osasuna, Zidane said after the game was very happy to see C, regression, "goal is good to start, I am sure his Champions League goal to 100 ball", also praised Modri and Benzema and other players, and said that the Real Madrid have enough good substitute, without fear of Fifa transfer ban. C, after the return of the opener on the score, Zidane said he expects more outstanding performance in the Champions League: "I hope he can score more goals, he was a breaking record, I am convinced that his Champions League goal to reach 100 goals, an important moment he always has a special performance, can create today he can threat, so early goals are wonderful." The C Ronaldo played only 60 minutes to be replaced, you said this is not his Real Madrid ace before the deal: "I did not discuss with him what I enjoyed his performance in the game, I hope he can stay with us. UEFA Champions League on Wednesday, let’s see how long he can play, an hour or more, know that there are 7 games in the next 21 days and we have to be careful about his use." Modri was replaced by the game, the fans stood up and applauded the French coach, said: "he is a good guy, I am very pleased that he received so much praise, this is his recognition of the hard work of the. You know how he is the player, but he does not need such a ceremony to highlight their contributions, which he experienced team, from the first day by the fans love." Benzema is in the back, but substitute two times scoring opportunities have hit the post, Zidane said: "I think he is a good performance, can also play in morata behind their own pace, and I’m glad he made a contribution on Wednesday against Lisbon athletics, he will be ready. Morata played for 90 minutes? I am satisfied with his performance in different positions, he can always create something when he touches the ball." Before Zidane expressed dissatisfaction with the Real Madrid suffered a transfer ban, but stressed that the squad is not afraid of the ban, after further added: "our schedule is very crowded, but the players condition are good, you see, there are a number of important players today are not on, but the field not many players have outstanding performance, Kovacic the need for more confidence in training, he demonstrated the desire, today also fared well, Danilo? When you have the same position players and he carvajales such excellent, it is very difficult." (Cuchu)相关的主题文章:

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