Zhengzhou Nissan or put into operation the new Navara or next year in November (video)-9c8921

Zhengzhou Nissan or Navara or put into a new market in November next year before the date of the news, Zhengzhou Nissan is expected to introduce the third generation of Navara pickup, and in November 2017 in the domestic car market to Chinese identity. Difficult extreme off-road Navara Tule Wrangler at Zhengzhou Nissan in the sale of Navara in 1997 has been the primary vehicle, chassis code D22, the domestic car is also named D22, the high price of 13.88-18.88 million. Since the second generation of D40 did not enter China and has been outdated, the possibility of the direct update of the family of the D23 generation of the third generation greater. The third generation Navara pickups currently in the sale of the full version of the full version of the NP300 Navara, the new car looks more prone to Nissan’s family style, interior design is completely household. The overseas edition of NP300 Navara is equipped with a panoramic image, the electric control electric heating seat, keyless entry, a key start dual zone automatic air conditioning, air vents, cruise and descent and an auxiliary system configuration, the configuration changes into China after Zhengzhou Nissan will have to see the sincerity. Power, the third generation of Navara pickup overseas version of the optional 2.5L naturally aspirated gasoline engine, 2.3T turbocharged diesel engine, 2.5T turbocharged diesel engine, the Chinese version is currently recognized as 2.5L gasoline. Drive, 6 speed manual and 7 speed automatic transmission for matching, four-wheel drive system has a variety of optional mode.相关的主题文章:

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