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Zheng Yuanjie Lijiang tourist scenic spot inventory payment Tucao: the way of working defect – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Yu) Old Town of Lijiang also cited concern. Yesterday (12 May) afternoon, the fairy tale Zheng Yuanjie through personal certification micro-blog, Tucao said, because he did not carry the ancient city maintenance fee payment vouchers, was blocked and detained scenic staff, up to ten minutes. In this regard, Old Town of Lijiang Scenic Area Management Committee responded to the Beijing News, the work method is undeserved, will be improved. He said in Zheng Yuanjie, micro-blog, this is the first visit to Lijiang, but the most impressive, is the ancient city of each visitor to charge 80 Yuan City maintenance fee "," staff questioning past visitors to pay ", and if they do not carry a certificate of payment, will be limited to the normal progression. Today, Zheng Yuanjie told the Beijing News reporter, in November 9th, he was invited to participate in a forum activities, the venue is located in Old Town of Lijiang. Then, from the external in trying to re enter the scenic spot, the staff was questioned. In his statement, his payment voucher on the hotel, the staff not only refused to allow it to enter, but also requires the staff to return to take evidence. Zheng Yuanjie said that this process lasted about ten minutes, until the event organizers arrived before they can successfully enter the ancient city. In Zheng Yuanjie’s view, scenic spot for tourists in the post inventory, did not warn the case requires visitors to carry a certificate of payment, showing a lack of respect for tourists. In this regard, the Old Town of Lijiang scenic area is a surname staff to the Beijing News reporter responded that Zheng Yuanjie himself has not yet received complaints. For micro-blog to reflect the problem, he admitted not working, and that will be improved.相关的主题文章:

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