Zhejiang in the first half of 90 square meters or less the biggest increase in prices rose 13.1%- ne 9c8814

Zhejiang in the first half of 90 square meters apartment layout the largest price increase rose 13.1%- Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou September 26th news (reporter Ma Jian) National Bureau of statistics released by Zhejiang Survey Corps days before the 2016 Zhejiang residential sales prices in the first half of the trend analysis report shows, Zhejiang new commercial housing sales price year-on-year since 2015 September rebound, or continue expand. Among them, 90 square meters of the following house price increases, up by 13.1%. According to the monitoring of NBS Survey Office in Zhejiang, the first half of this year, Zhejiang new commodity housing sales price year-on-year price rose 9%, 1-6 month gains were 4.5%, 5.7%, 7.8%, 9.6%, 11% and 11.6%. The price rose by 15 consecutive months, 3-6 months rose 1.7%, 1.9%, 1.7% and 1.4%, significant gains. Area type, 90 square meters of the following units of the largest price increases, up by 13.1%; 90-144 square meters apartment prices rose by more than the same period last year, more than 144 square meters house prices rose by 7.1%. With the rise in the price of synchronization is high volume, which in March in Zhejiang province’s new commercial housing turnover 45125 units, an increase of 161.2%, a record high of nearly three years, 4-6 month sales highs, but still at historic highs.相关的主题文章:

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