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[Zhejiang] financial media? Tour Longquan porcelain, soft and beautiful! Sohu tourism impression of Longquan is the first time I walked into the top of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Lishui porcelain into Longquan, I think there is beauty, I want to find a different Longquan! I want to go to Lishui Longquan sword sword hero on the field; I want to go to Longquan Bao Xi Xiang feelings bamboo Architecture Exhibition world unique artistic beauty; I will be in Longquan, understanding intentions Gulong kiln Millennium charm; I China celadon Town, Longquan celadon celadon products, understand the charm, than the azure, than the mountain, than the water soon, more flexible than that in the extreme… Two name card of Longquan: Zhejiang Province, Lishui celadon sword and Longquan Shanqingshuixiu, beautiful scenery, is a piece of "the Yangtze River Delta region of the pure land, here has a long history, simple folk, rich, Longquan sword, Longquan celadon, known as the" Longquan two treasure". Longquan sword, also known as the Dragon Yuanjian, Chinese ancient sword, the sword of Gao Jie is honest. The legend is by two, and joined the Ou Yezi getters cast. Ou Yezi to cast sword, scuttling heights hill, released the mountain stream, leading to the next to a furnace swords ring out of the Big Dipper seven pool, is the name of "seven". After the sword into overlooking the blade, like climbing a mountain and looking down into the abyss, and deep misty like dragon plate is a lie, "ryongyon". This sword named saying seven ryongyon, referred to as the "dragon Yuanjian. The Tang Dynasty emperor due to avoid Li Yuanhui, the "and" change the word "spring" word, "said seven Longquan, referred to as the Longquan sword. About the sword, created in the late Yin Dynasty Chuzhi week, early sword is very short. Mainly to defend the Western Zhou dynasty. In the late spring and autumn, the sword became the conventional weapon of the army. So, Wu Yue both paid special attention to the production of the sword, sword technology is also far more than the Central Plains states become Chinese ancient town sword "". Today the town sword, general refers to the Longquan area, according to the traditional process of casting sword. After the founding of the people’s Government of China, attaches great importance to the production and development of the recovery of Longquan sword traditional crafts. The Longquan sword will be included in the national well-known in the world, the ceremony. Wan sword factory, Shen Guanglong sword shop, Kim sword shop have been restored and established, the vicissitudes of Longquan Sword Industry revival! Longquan sword industry has been rapid development in recent years. The state attaches great importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage, May 20, 2006, Longquan sword forging techniques approved by the State Council included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. In June 5, 2007, established by the Ministry of culture, Zhejiang city of Longquan province Shen Guanglong sword shop the fourth generation of Shen Xinpei for the cultural heritage items, and was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage inheritors of 226 representative list. Go to Longquan, must go to the shop to see the Shen Guanglong sword, head of many heads of state gave swords, Yao four. I went to see when visiting Shen Guanglong sword shop workers are swords, I deeply realize that daily repetition, the heart has been burnout. How to break through? Repeat the strength, enough times. Mature and make perfect, long swords have extremely strong power. In adversity, hold iron swords, to fight another day; prosperity, jiliuyongtui, good!相关的主题文章:

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