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Zhao Zongqi, commander of western war zone, once served as military adviser for soldiers sortie – Sohu news Zhao Zongqi data map [Global Times reporter Guo Yuandan] Zhao Zongqi, who served as commander of the western war zone, was also the PLA senior leader in the war. And the ruling of the west, is also back to the old haunt. Zhao Zongqi, born in 1955, general rank. The Zhao Zongqi served as officers is to return to Western theatre. He served successively in the fourteenth Army (resident Kunming), the Tibet military area command, the 13 army, etc.. In 1970, Zhao Zongqi enlisted in the army, the fourteenth army from soldiers, reconnaissance squad leader, agent platoon leader step by step. In 1979, the anti self defense counterattack broke out. Zhao Zongqi, who participated in the campaign, performed well. Then Zhao Zongqi also served as military attache in Tanzania, Tibet military region fifty-second mountain Infantry Brigade; Tibet military region deputy chief of staff, chief of staff of Ji’nan military commander, chief of staff. From 2008 to 2012, he worked with the vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Fan Changlong in the Ji’nan Military Area Command (Fan Changlong was appointed commander of the Ji’nan military region in 2004 -2012; Zhao Zongqi was appointed as the chief of staff of the Ji’nan military region in January 2008 -2012 November). In addition, he is still television drama "soldiers raided" military advisers to help shape the image of xusanduo.

西部战区司令赵宗岐曾任《士兵突击》军事顾问-搜狐新闻 赵宗岐 资料图   【环球时报报道 记者郭媛丹】出任西部战区司令员的赵宗岐同样是战火中走出的解放军高级将领。而此次主政西部,也是重回故地。   赵宗岐,1955年生,上将军衔。此次赵宗岐出任西部战区主官也是重回故地。他先后服役于第14集团军(驻地昆明),西藏军区,13集团军等。   1970年入伍的赵宗岐,在陆军第14军从战士、侦察班长、代理排长一步步做起。1979年,对越自卫反击战爆发。参与这一战役的赵宗岐,表现出色。此后赵宗岐还出任驻坦桑尼亚武官,西藏军区山地步兵第52旅旅长;西藏军区副参谋长,参谋长;济南军区参谋长、司令员。   2008年至2012年,他曾与中央军委副主席范长龙在济南军区共事(范长龙2004年-2012年任济南军区司令员;赵宗岐2008年1月-2012年11月任济南军区参谋长)。   此外,他还是电视剧《士兵突击》军事顾问,帮助塑造了许三多形象。相关的主题文章:

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