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Zhao Shilin: how to achieve a breakthrough in Chinese civilization? Abstract: the conscience of politicians, the spirit of intellectuals and the sense of responsibility of the public are the indispensable conditions for the realization of the second spiritual breakthrough of the Chinese nation. The author: Zhao Shilin (Professor of Minzu University of China School of philosophy and Religion) in 80s the last century, along with the reform and opening up with the tide of cultural criticism, is actually a continuation 54 tries to achieve a breakthrough second times spirit. But in 90s, this attempt also halted. In history, there has been a so-called "thought fade out, knowledge highlights" situation. However, after all, entered the era of the Internet, thinking or bright or dark, always tenacious performance. The ideological field presents a very complex game state. In addition to being the dominant ideology of Marx doctrine, liberalism, traditionalism, the new left, nationalism, and so on, each good field, very active. No matter how the ideological factions too divided, how to face the second spiritual breakthrough is not around the past problems. The new left critical enlightenment, criticism of traditional school 54, second times the spirit seems to refuse to break, but they are the wrong time. The so-called "New Left" critical enlightenment of China is completely wrong in the post modern western problem, which is regarded as a cure for the disease. Moreover, they do not understand, even if the new left west just in a critical way certainly second spiritual breakthrough, the New Left Party after the second Western spiritual breakthrough (by enlightenment as the highest form of freedom and equality) the rights of the individual values, democracy and the rule of market economy, the political and economic system, or not the front against, or trying to deconstructive but did not provide alternatives, point out a better vision. They are the most active implement some omissions and amend errors in the Western sense, enhance the awareness and ability to repair update from the negative stimulus system (Marx’s criticism to the western capitalist system in a sense also play such a role, a kind of decoration) sometimes it is system. The traditional school criticism 54, 54 intended to subvert the Chinese nation to achieve second spiritual breakthrough efforts, but paradoxically, they cannot deny the second spiritual breakthrough thought fruit, but hope that the traditional culture from the first is the foundation of Confucianism there to look for these thoughts fruit. That is, in their view, the first breakthrough in the spirit, has been included in the spirit of the second breakthrough value orientation. But they are obviously misplaced ancient problem consciousness in the modern Chinese, described as new as old disease treatment. They can not provide the original Confucian thought of the people change feasible path for modern democracy consciousness, they can be avoided for desalination of Confucian why the dominant ideology of the selection system of the Empire, a variety of modern Confucian value revaluation (including Webb apply the mode of interpretation of four East Asian economies and the rise of Confucian constitutionalism to Confucian values) only laughable (Li Guangyao publicly denied the Confucian value to promote the four dragons soar, that is the rule of law and market economy achievements of Singapore, can be said to be a heavy blow to the revaluation). Worthy of attention is the extreme traditional school in universal value second times indeed deny the spiritual breakthrough formation, advocating a return to the ancient people, such as the so-called Tongru academy "design, No.相关的主题文章:

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