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Zhangzhou West Hospital park will be built in four major parks arasawa into Avon Herald News (reporter Locke   Xiao Zhenping) public concern of the West courtyard Wetland Park (i.e. West Hospital detention) project, has made new progress, according to the latest plan, the park will be built in four major parks. At present, the project department has already entered the young, clear the site of construction waste and site preparation work, the work is everything in good order and well arranged. It is understood that, as early as seven or eight years ago, in order to alleviate the threat of waterlogging in Zhangzhou City, Zhangzhou municipal government planning a large flood Wetland Park ecological park in the eastern city of Avon, after 6 years of construction, the country has become the favorite of the ecological green, the original arasawa into a new Leju soil the moment, the formation of "Avon effect". West Hospital flood detention area to start the project is based on the "small park" strategic positioning, with the lake care, to park in Zhangzhou is the implementation of west development strategy, an important link of ecological development in West area. Flood detention area project of the West hospital is located in Xiangcheng Jinfeng district hospital in West Village, north to Ruijin Road, South to the North River Road, West to the east of Huimin Road, Jinfeng sewage treatment plant. A project investment of about 298 million yuan, the total land area of about 191.33 acres, divided into two parts and detention basin Wetland Park and sluice and pumping station. The design of tourist capacity of 1929 people, in the water area of about 37 thousand square meters, storage capacity of 148 thousand and 500 cubic meters. The park is divided into "Bay tracing", "dwelling water river" and "woodland water", "green Ying shore" four landscape node area, the main construction contents include the functions of the park district in landscape architecture, landscape architecture, facilities, service facilities, landscaping, parking lot, square, Park Road and Municipal facilities. It is reported that the water conservancy planning in the light of its general trend, no water storage facilities, demolition of the original hard lining channel, the use of stones, mud and other materials to elaborate a shoal, pond, river meandering, shaping the natural shape, through the analysis of 10 years, 20 years, 50 year flood system, reserved flooded the space, together with the constructed wetland boundary and riparian buffer zone of vegetation. The project through the integration of water conservancy, ecological leisure, three functions, fusion style, landscape lake and wetland pastoral scenery, will create a set of city flood detention area, ecological protection and tourism and leisure and other functions as one of the "green city, people gathered colorful sponge". After the completion of the project will effectively improve the Xiangcheng Jinfeng drainage area water conservancy infrastructure, enhance the construction of river flood control function, help the development of Zhangzhou city "sponge city". At the same time, landscape and landscape features will better improve the living environment of the surrounding residents, flood detention and landscape pattern yidongyixi and park ecological park, improve the city ecological system, improve the urban livable level in the west.相关的主题文章:

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