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Your mother-in-law will push into the cerebral palsy grandson University School to prepare a separate room – Beijing school to take care of Wu Enmeng, a dedicated independent dormitory building. Chongqing morning news reporter Yang Xinyu photo on the car boy riding a bicycle, sweating; after the car woman pushing a bicycle, panting. An old and a small, a bicycle in the streets of Dianjiang has become a beautiful landscape. 12 years, Zhou Changhua always accompany her mother-in-law grandson Wu Enmeng School of cerebral palsy. "Your mother-in-law" story of the Chongqing morning news reports, the unremitting self-improvement young Wu Enmeng also become friends with cerebral palsy, the hearts of inspirational youth. Yesterday, Wu Enmeng stepped into the campus of Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing, he scored 530 points to round university dream, 73 year old Zhou Changhua mother finally accompany grandson go to college! The bicycle to accompany him to college at noon yesterday, see Wu Enmeng in Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing orchid Lake campus, he was riding a bike to the green bike. Zhou Changhua, a mother in the habit of protection around the grandson, the campus is flat and spacious road, compared to the previous climbing on the ridge too much, the face of the calm smile on the face of Zhou Changhua. Wu told the Chongqing Morning Post reporter, at 9 in the morning, her mother, mother, aunt accompanied him from Dianjiang departure, luggage filled with a car. The luggage in the natural and ultimately Wu Enmeng day riding school green bike. Such a bike, Wu Qi 12 years riding a broken car four or five. Wu Enmeng told reporters, before departure, the mother and grandfather specially tailored for him a new walker, that he fell, Walker new more and more stable, she also specialized in a walker on the block. The original high school students are still together going to enter the university campus, Wu Enmeng heart carries little excitement. Just enter the bedroom, the original Dianjiang County Experimental Middle School (6) class 7, 8 classmates, Wu Enmeng came to the bedroom door. The grandson of these high school students, mother-in-law Zhou Changhua familiar, heart is full of gratitude: "that is thin and often help rice dishes of students, and the strong men, often to play at home……" In the original high school class, 10 students were admitted to Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing. We heard Wu Enmeng to report, some of the students with the help of a "bear hug" Wu Enmeng off, some busy unbuckled on a bicycle…… Several boys in the new class, but also to help carry luggage. Sister Cai Linglin heard of Wu Enmeng situation, make arrangements for various procedures for admission: water card, electric card, card, card…… "With them, he won’t feel lonely!" Mother in law Zhou Changhua said. The school arranged a separate room for him to report to the school, the mother Zhou Changhua had no fear. "When he got the admission notice, still in the summer vacation, I ran a trip to the University of Commerce and industry, would like to see how the bedroom, how far the cafeteria, the classroom has no steps……" And that trip home, Zhou Changhua fell ill, from 87 pounds lean to the weight of 80 pounds. The doctor said it was heatstroke, but she knows, is in the heart. Zhou Changhua originally planned相关的主题文章:

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