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Yi show of affection! Wade won the bet in the PS according to "remind" James – Sports Sohu   November 4th Beijing time NBA, the defending champion Cleveland core MLB James witnessed the Cleveland Indians seventh games lost the Chicago cubs in the field, in the total score 3-1 lead the good situation were reversed. James Huang not only depressed the home team lost the game, and they also lost with good gay friend Wade bet. After Zhan Huang Wade in order to support their home team made a bet, James support the Indians of Cleveland, while Wade’s support for the Chicago cubs. If their team lost the game series, the loser must be in the next visit each other home court wearing champion baseball team uniforms. Now settled in Beijing in December 3rd, James Huangyao Cavaliers visit to Chicago United Center Chicago Cubs challenge wearing MLB equipment, in this regard, Wade is also a "good faith" to remind friends. "Flash" in social media drying out of a James dressed in uniforms of the cubs as PS, himself as a background grin on his face: "yuandufushu! James, thank you in advance! I can’t wait to see what kind of wine you’ll send me. # win feel good # thank you for the cubs ". Although it is a gamble, but why always feel they are to show affection……相关的主题文章:

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