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Yellowstone National Park is a closely linked with the disaster wondrousplace – Sohu – tourism travel diary (4) Pan Tiancui laingen Wen Qu photography?? September 19th before dawn, we went to Yellowstone National Park from Jackson Hole, until the morning of twenty-two, this time in the Yellowstone National Park tour and shooting. This trip is the U.S. Photo Club and American International Artist photography association cooperation in the development of photography training project. The team leader and mentor Wei Hang photography to lead the students through many times, has accumulated rich experience, especially happy is with American artist, famous American photographer Frank Su Huang (western yellow?) counterparts, extremely valuable for sharing time, he does not hesitate to use energy, money and life for photography experience. Under his leadership, the students will be able to get the best shot at the best shooting time, the most energy in the creation of. Although I am not a photography student, but trips to Yellowstone National Park has always been my dream, this is closely linked with the disaster wondrousplace has always been a mystery to me, beauty and horror forever intertwined, cannot be separated. Yellowstone National Park gave me the impression of the original impression from the two film and television works. One is the American film "2012". Released in the United States in November 13, 2009 and released in the same year in China about a global disaster. The 2012 year was over, our planet All is well., but about the Yellowstone National Park disaster picture has become my permanent memory. A dry lake, a strong earthquake, a huge volcanic eruption…… The heroine Jackson · Curtis took the children ran amuck…… The second part is the British BBC documentary "Yellowstone National Park". The film with the epic style, real scene record, Yellowstone National Park, summer autumn season of the winter. The nature of the life cycle of the animal kingdom or the law of the jungle, cruel, or hard, or clever. The film presents a perfect boulder Canyon vast expanse of extraordinary as if done by the spirits, the wonders of the world, rare and precious wild animal. A lot of beautiful pictures also exist in my memory. Nevertheless, the former prevailed. In the Yellowstone National Park 4 day tour, "2012" catastrophic picture from time to time to flip in my thinking space, the scenery beautiful even if I can not use language to describe, but the two leg is always in a state of escape. This is because this piece of beauty is a common storage giant lava chamber, it provides energy for the fountains of Yellowstone National Park, the heart of Yellowstone National Park is the world’s largest volcano, one day it will erupt again, could be today, at that moment you appreciate it, also be a million year. Yellowstone National Park is the oldest, largest and the oldest and most ancient national park in the world. It is famous for its natural environment. This should sharpen the world, zigzag illusion, was born in a volcano near two million years ago, 99% of the whole territory has not yet developed. This is a vast and clean natural area, located in the rocky mountain peak, abundant相关的主题文章:

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