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Deputy director of the State Administration of radio film review Yan Xiaohong: decentralization of administrative examination and approval items in this paper comes from the Chinese film news the morning of November 7th, the twenty-fourth National People’s Congress meeting by 146 votes in favor, 1 votes against and 8 abstentions vote, "the film industry promotion law". Deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration Yan Xiaohong pointed out that on the morning of 7 conference, decentralization, activate the vitality of the market is an important direction to promote the film industry reform. The film industry through the development of "Promotion Law" to carry out the practice of reform initiatives have been written into the law, for example, reduce the approval of the project and reduce barriers to entry, "film industry promotion law" no new administrative examination and approval, and also canceled the film studio approval, film production license approval (single) the administrative approval of the project, which is to cancel and reduce the approval of the project. Yan Xiaohong said, "before in the film industry promotion law" promulgated, in accordance with the provisions of the "Regulations" of the film, by the press and Publication Administration of the exercise of the authority, including film review, record the screenplay and Film Festival (exhibition) held by a number of approval, the state Administration of radio and television the most in the province and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the press and publication, in order to prevent the standard and scale around the examination management and examination results in inconsistent grasp, "film industry promotion law" in the delegated approval authority while standardizing the censorship standards and open procedures, the dispute case retrial clause is also provided in this Law eighteenth a. After the introduction of the film industry promotion act, one of the most important is to adhere to the combination of management, to strengthen the follow-up supervision. While decentralization, "film industry promotion law" also focus on strengthening the supervision after the event. In the forty-sixth article of the law clearly defined regulatory requirements, the implementation of the credit system. Press and Publication Administration will conscientiously implement the relevant requirements of "film industry promotion law", to strengthen decentralization after examination, guidance and supervision of examination and approval, and strengthen the relevant institutions in particular, review of staff training, examination and approval standard throughout the review, issues, promote the formation of a unified and open, competitive and orderly market environment. It is understood that the "film industry promotion law" will be implemented in March 1st next year, at the same time, the implementation of the film management regulations will be based on the film industry promotion act to further revise and improve. The State Press and Publication Administration of Legal Policy Division, the film bureau responsible person on the "film industry promotion law" situation "- making the film industry promotion law" is the significance for the development of the film industry to promote the "law" meaning, the State Press and publication administration policy system of law department official said: first, "the film industry promotion" long experience of reform and development of the film industry China as legal system, provide a powerful legal guarantee for the future of the film industry sustained and healthy development of the film industry’s prosperity, long-term development has milepost significance. Two, the "film industry promotion act," the provisions of the main measures of the five aspects of the Chinese film industry will have a profound impact: the film industry into the national economy相关的主题文章:

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