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Xu Dazhe: to overcome poverty alleviation in Fort   to ensure the timely completion of the task of poverty — local leaders — people.com.cn original title: capture the fortress of poverty alleviation to achieve sustainable and healthy development of September 10th to 11, (Hunan) Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Xu Dazhe over the weekend to the development situation of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of economic and social research. He is full of affection for Xiangxi, specially printed from Beijing, phoenix county panoramic satellite map, presented to the Autonomous Prefecture comrades. He stressed that we should conscientiously implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, especially important instructions on poverty alleviation work, in accordance with the deployment of the provincial government, and resolutely overcome the last bastion of poverty alleviation, to ensure timely completion of the task of poverty, while strengthening the ecological and cultural landscape protection, efforts to achieve sustainable and healthy economic and social development. Deputy governor, Secretary General of the provincial government to participate in research. Came to Huayuan County eighteen hole village, Xu Dazhe walked into a thriving business Farmhouse Hotel, look at the facilities, ask livelihood, bless the villagers over the days of happiness. That the village will be completed by the end of the remaining 132 poor families out of poverty, St Xu Dazhe encouraged the local responsible comrades in accordance with the general secretary Xi Jinping instructions, seeking truth from facts, according to local conditions, classification guidance, precise poverty, play good grassroots organizations fighting for the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, the goal of poverty alleviation tasks. These years, the village of Fenghuang County calamus grapefruit, kiwi fruit sold all over the country through electronic business platform, the annual per capita income of the villagers has exceeded 11000 yuan. Xu Dazhe came to the field, carefully check the pomelo growing, careful inquiry of agricultural extension, agricultural products sales. He pointed out that it is necessary to further strengthen the application of modern agricultural technology, increase water conservancy, roads and other infrastructure construction, the development of agricultural industries. Phoenix window is in recent years to build a phoenix county cultural creativity, tourism vacation, intangible cultural heritage protection and development and other functions in one of the comprehensive poverty alleviation industrial park. Here, Xu Dazhe enjoyed a tie dye, such as Miaoxiu of intangible cultural heritage in Xiangxi process, he pointed out that to protect cultural treasures at the same time, actively docking market, personalized products and constantly develop to meet the needs of tourists, the formation of characteristic industry. Xu Dazhe and his entourage of Fenghuang County Shu Jia Tong and Da Po village, Aizhai bridge, Xiangxi economic development zone and other places, the research to resettle, industrial poverty and other aspects of the situation. "Xiangxi is a hot spot for the development of famous etherial and potential, but also the main battlefield of our province to promote poverty alleviation, entrusted with the care and expectation of the general secretary Xi Jinping’s deep." In the subsequent economic and social development forum held by the Autonomous Prefecture, Xu Dazhe pointed out that we must resolutely fight to win the fight against poverty. Keep it out of poverty, and the poor, with the actual implementation of the "group of five" action plan, to ensure easy relocation, industrial poverty, education and poverty alleviation focus on time and according to the amount put in place for the synchronization to achieve a comprehensive well-off society to make a positive contribution. To seize the opportunity to accelerate the pace of development policy. The advantages of their own characteristics and policy opportunities, external support closely together, the real release of gold policy, the outside)相关的主题文章:

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