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Xie Baisan farewell ceremony held in October 6th close disciple long mourning Xie mentor source: WeChat public venture e author: yellow warning on October 6th at 10 in the morning, Fudan University School of management professor, finance expert Xie Baisan farewell ceremony held at the Shanghai funeral home in Longhua. Shanghai municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department related to leadership, Fudan University college leadership, Professor Xie students, and many people spontaneously came, full of grief, mourning the financial securities to the academia outspoken scholar. At 2:50 on October 2nd at the Shanghai Xinhua Hospital died of nasopharyngeal cancer. The former Fudan University School of management professor, graduate and doctoral tutor, is China’s famous financial securities expert, editor of "contemporary works, has China economic policy and theory", "investment China — in twenty-first Century to meet the dawn", "ten years", "one hundred million" and other works of Buffett China. Professor Xie attention to China’s industrial policy and financial markets during the last years, is seriously ill in hospital still did not forget to transmit information to the outside world by medical personnel. He dared to voice for small and medium investors, and therefore respected and loved by the small and medium investors, the scene also has a lot of spontaneous came to the last step of Professor Xie ordinary investors. Long close disciples mourn: teacher, when I heard the news you will live forever in our hearts, always feel that it is not news. When the news has been overwhelming, always feel that it is not true. Buried himself in the dormitory a few days ago, with a mobile phone, looking at the teacher’s memorial article was scraper, I thought, how these people wrote my teacher. Today, the teacher into heaven, I really wake up, just know the deceased to permanent, distraught. I didn’t understand his father this time, those days grandpa lost, still easily and the mourners, moment when Grandpa cremation room father has been advancing, faint cry in the ground. Before, we do not believe. From October 13, 2015 to September 16, 2016 and the teacher read all chats, all immersed in grief no power. Even a few days did not speak, mom on the phone are directly hung up. Today the teacher to heaven, only willing to restore the true image of the teacher in life with words, my heart the most and love most. Leedy. May the living forever remember. To silence, to honor. In November 8, 2015, the teacher knew nearly two months, the teacher suddenly asked me, what kind of man he is. Although summed up a challenge, but the image of the teacher immediately. Today I still think that the teacher is a man with great love. Care for children, for students of bitter conscience, friends caring, for the benefit of the people. Now, I will add one: you are a noble man, you are a person out of the vulgar interest, you are a person with a sense of mission. At that time I did not understand why the teacher asked me, and now I know that the teacher guides my life. The teacher said, people have three lives. Ordinary people are life, Confucius said: food, sex, the great desire of life. A noble man is life, life, work more, create wealth and conditions for future generations. The great minority is the mission. They have very few people,.相关的主题文章:

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