Xi’an police help national foot race heat map for the first time shuyue

Xi’an police assisted the national football tournament heat map for the first time into the evening of October 6th, the highly anticipated World Cup Asian zone qualifying 12, Chinese against Syria as scheduled in Shaanxi province stadium kicks off, the game scene, more All seats are occupied., a large number of fans outside the view. Although the Orangemen lost to Syria 0-1, but the scene of nearly 60 thousand fans arrived at the scene and out of the traffic demand, Xi’an traffic police must face serious challenges, but also to the traffic dispatching their ability to put forward higher requirements. In order to do the traffic work around the stadium, Xi’an traffic police not only advance released by WeChat traffic control information, but also through in-depth cooperation with Tencent map, using heat map and real-time traffic in the form of live, will promptly inform the traffic information to the public. At the same time, Xi’an traffic police command center will flow and traffic prediction LBS data acquisition synchronization to the secret service battalion, the order as the guiding traffic information, through real-time information updates, in the joint efforts of the area, and the brigade Beilin brigade Yanta Police Brigade line nearly 1000 under the cloth police and the corresponding through science road controls, smooth and successful completion of the task of traffic security. It is understood that for the convenience of fans after the game to leave and go home as soon as possible, Xi’an traffic police started 6 hours before the game, the use of the Internet is convenient, convenient, for the first time by WeChat reminded of the way to the public traffic control group notice, a reminder of the game people choose reasonable way to travel, on the other hand will travel tips and temporary traffic control information to the public does not pay attention to this event, provides the necessary information for their normal travel. When the evening of 21, the temporary traffic control started at 21:35; the end of the game, fans began to exit; 22:30, temporary traffic control over, the effect is good after the fans orderly, non fans ahead of a section of the bypass, reached the expected announced in advance. As of 23:15, under the joint efforts of the city’s traffic police, the city’s traffic flow. Pictured before the Xi’an traffic police command center large screen display "heat map" in order to do this game traffic security work, Xi’an traffic police command center early made sufficient preparations, the joint Tencent map, in the history of large events based on data flow modeling, establish a "heat map", opened a an exploration of traffic management innovation. The heat map is presented in the form of population density and flow variation in the area around the national football stadium, the stadium around the real-time monitoring of traffic flow, and the precision of dispatching, the reasonable deployment of police, emergency warning, scientific and efficient development strategy divert and provides a powerful help and support, open scientific and accurate command scheduling, rational use of new mode of police. So magical "heat map" data come from? In the era of mobile Internet, smart mobile phone as an important source of data, the privacy protection mechanism, mobile location information flow will converge to a unified cloud database, forming a large flow of people data, through the analysis of the system, a heat map visualization, real-time "". Ordinary people can not get thermal map".相关的主题文章:

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