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Xiamen road traffic resumed BRT fast 1 fast 6 line trial operation by the "miranti" influence, Xiamen all the roads are subject to different degrees of damage. Herald reporter learned yesterday, the highway department is carried out against the reopened wrecker. As of yesterday, 18 points, both inside and outside the trunk road has been fully restored. In addition, as of yesterday, 11:30, there are 159 bus lines to resume operations. The 8 main roads on the island were resumed on the island: 15, Huandao Road, the road, roads around the island, had successfully Avenue, Shugang Road 8, Genting road and other main roads on the island are open again. Jimei: 12 pm yesterday, the area of 16 highways such as Jimei Avenue, the same set of road, the road day, Haixiang Avenue, apricot Kam Road traffic has been restored etc.. Apricot Kam Road under the influence of water through the channel, still cleaning up, 18:20 or so, the island has been open to the direction of traffic. Jimei Avenue, Binhai West Avenue, and other lines because the power supply has not been restored, the pump can not work, is still in the water closed. Haicang area: 11 main highway sections such as Xinggang Road, Ma Qing Road, Jian Gang Road, Weng Kok Road etc. have been restored to traffic. At present, only Haixinlu Road 324 big section has not yet opened an. The new road construction unit repair culvert rain erosion, roadbed collapse, still closed in. Tongan: 15 days 12, 8 main roads such as the area of Binhai West Road, the same set of road, State Road 324 line, the same road has been returned to traffic. Xiangan: 15, when the area of the road to restore two-way traffic all the way to the road, 16, 12, when the main road lane all the way to restore access to the 18. Highway tunnel, through 12 channels: with 16 Port Road (East Road) on channel 15, restore two-way traffic roads around the island of Baicheng to restore traffic tunnel, highway tunnel, the main wear channels are open again. At present, only 1 of the island’s high Palace Road, wearing long shore road traffic is still interrupted, because the surrounding terrain is high, the external power supply is not restored can not pump. Because of the power supply system has not been restored, Huang Cuo, gold hill, Baicheng, copycat, West Pavilion, Tianma tunnel lighting system is not fully restored, the tunnel dark environment, to remind the general public friends carefully and slowly pass. BRT 1 fast 6 bus line test operation, as of 11:30 yesterday, there are 159 bus lines to resume operations (including BRT5, out of the island bus 27, cross group 7), due to road conditions, will bypass, diversion, jump station, truncated, please the passengers understanding. 8:40 yesterday morning, the XiaMen North Railway Station to the BRT fast 1 road, fast road has been restored to open the trial operation of 6. In addition, starting from the XiaMen North Railway Station bus parking lot of conventional bus 943 Road, road, road, road, road, road, road, road, road 949, road, road, road, road, and other 9 lines have also been restored to run the 953 line of the road has been restored to the public, the 950 bus, the road, the road, the bus, the bus, the bus, the road, the road, the road, the bus, the bus, the 691 Road, road, road, road, road, road, 907. Because the island along the power recovery yet, for passenger safety and security of passengers and the XiaMen North Railway Station, today almost 1 road, almost 6 road 18:00 Tian CuO station to T4 terminal station will not stop at the end of last time. 2 fast road, almost 5 road, Jimei area due to Tongan site yet to restore power, to ensure safe operation, fast road 2, 5 road run fast;相关的主题文章:

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