Wuhan teenager robbed mobile phone father to take the initiative to alarm, 15 year old son sentenced 9c8950

Wuhan young robbed mobile phone father initiative alarm, 15 year old son was sentenced, age is not learned, but to rob friends of Apple mobile phone, father can not see, active alarm. Recently, in the Yangtze River daily charity lawyers, 15 year old Zhang plead guilty, the court was mitigated punishment, sentenced to 1 years 8 months. Zhang lived in Caidian, 2 years old, divorced parents, from childhood to live with his father. Because father obsessed with mahjong all year round, Zhang has been lax. After graduating from junior high school, Zhang has been idle, there is no proper occupation. In March this year, 19 year old Wang Jiang’an District is a bus station, was suddenly Zhang Liaodao, then was brought to a hotel Taipei road. Zhang brought Wang to the hotel, in order to compensate for the last two fights injured medical expenses, to ask for 5000 yuan wang. After being rejected, Zhang Wang forced Wang to hand over cuff and kick, carry an apple 6S mobile phone (worth more than 4000 yuan), and then fled. That month, Zhang was pursued by the public security departments online pursuit. After returning home, Zhang father learned the truth, persuaded his son to return the phone and surrendered to the public security department, Zhang refused. Zhang’s father saw his son without remorse, but could only alarm. In May this year, Zhang father with the police in a restaurant arrested zhang. In August this year, the procuratorate prosecuted the case to the court. Members of the public welfare law group of Changjiang Daily and lawyer Fang of Hubei Bo law firm were appointed as the defender of zhang. Fang lawyer said, Zhang violent means to rob others property, the amount of mobile phone robbery has constituted robbery. But when Zhang’s crime is under 16 years old, according to the law, the punishment should be mitigated. At the same time, the public security organs in the process of arrest Zhang, Zhang did not resist arrest behavior, and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, may be given a lighter punishment. The trial, Zhang said bitterly, willing to start with a clean slate. He also expressed his understanding of his father’s personal alarm and arrest. Two weeks ago, the court made a formal decision, adopted the secret counsel to mitigate the punishment of the defense opinion, sentenced to 1 years and 8 months imprisonment, and pay a fine of 1000 yuan. Related video robbed mobile phone police forces "in the public toilets in a sure catch"

武汉少年抢劫手机 父亲主动报警15岁儿子被判刑年纪轻轻不学好,竟去抢劫朋友的苹果手机,父亲看不下去,主动报警。近日,在长江日报公益律师辩护下,15岁少年张某认罪伏法,被法院判决减轻处罚,判刑1年8个月。家住蔡甸的张某,2岁时父母离异,自幼跟着父亲生活。因父亲常年痴迷打麻将,对张某一直疏于管教。初中毕业后,张某一直游手好闲,没有正当职业。今年3月,19岁的王某正在江岸区某公交车站等车,突然被张某撂倒,然后被带到台北路一家宾馆。张某将王某带到宾馆后,以赔偿去年两人打架受伤的医药费为由向王某索要5000元。遭到拒绝后,张某对王某拳打脚踢,迫使王某交出随身携带的一部苹果6S手机(价值4000余元),然后逃窜。当月,张某就遭到公安部门网上追逃。回到家后,张某父亲得知真相,劝说儿子归还手机并去公安部门自首,遭到张某拒绝。张某父亲见儿子毫无悔改之心,无奈只能报警。今年5月,张某父亲配合警方在一家餐馆将张某抓获。今年8月,检察院就本案向法院提起公诉。长江日报公益律师团成员、湖北博观律师事务所律师方密被指定为张某的辩护人。方密律师表示,张某以暴力手段抢劫他人财物,抢劫的手机金额已构成抢劫罪。但张某犯罪时未满16周岁,按照法律规定,应当减轻处罚。同时,在公安机关抓捕张某过程中,张某没有拒捕行为,并如实供认犯罪事实,可酌情予以从轻处罚。庭审中,张某痛哭流涕,坦言愿意改过自新。对于父亲亲自报警抓捕自己的举动,他也表示理解。两周前,法院作出正式判决,采纳了方密律师减轻处罚的辩护意见,判处张某有期徒刑1年8个月,并交纳罚金1000元。相关视频 抢了手机躲进公厕 警民联手“瓮中捉鳖”相关的主题文章:

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