Wuhan over again new network air defense warning alert not to forget the history – in the fall pppd-175

Wuhan air defense warning alert over again forget the fall history Beijing – China News Agency, Wuhan, October 25 (Zhang Qinwen Xiang) 25 days 16 when, Wuhan over the air raid siren sounded again, for as long as 30 minutes. This is the city for Twelfth consecutive years in the Anti Japanese war in occupied Wuhan on the day of the air raid siren, to alert people to remember the history, forget national humiliation. In the morning, many people received from the Wuhan Municipal Civil Defense Office SMS reminder: 16 PM to air disaster sirens, then please the public not to panic." Previously, Civil Defence Office also through local media news, long and meaning introduced the early warning, air raid alarm, warning the lifting of the. 16 o’clock, rapid alert resounded over Wuhan. This year, the city to enable the installation of a fixed alarm, mobile lift alarm, car alarm and other 6 kinds of alarms to try. Over the same period in Hongshan District in the campus of Huazhong Agricultural University held a "Chinese shield – 2016" air defense exercise, to popularize the knowledge of civil defense. Reporters from the Wuhan Civil Defense Office was informed that the office of the joint Civil Defense Education Bureau on the date of succession to the center of the second grade junior middle school students in 37 thousand issued a civil defense emergency package. It is reported that the city of Wuhan for the first time. The air raid siren, on August 20, 1937 at 5 a.m.. The next day, the Japanese invaders began bombing Wuhan. October 25, 1938 18 am, Wuhan fall. So far, Wuhan people fall into 7 years of life. During the Japanese air strikes on Wuhan 72 times, 3080 bomb, killing 1651 people and injuring 3147 people, destroyed 3437 houses. According to the newspaper and recorded every air raid, four fires, flesh and blood flying in all directions, the collapse of the housing, how many working people killed, too horrible to look at." In August 1, 2004 the implementation of the provisions of the "Wuhan people’s air defense regulations", every year in October 25th the city’s air raid alarms ringing. Once a year the siren is the test of air defense warning equipment, more important is to warn people not to forget national humiliation. (end)相关的主题文章:

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