Woman rented 11 luxury car was arrested after the police arrested all vehicles sweets parade

The woman rented 11 luxury cars after the mortgage was caught the police recovered all the vehicle original title: Women rent a luxury car after the mortgage was caught JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) 27 year old woman Zhao claimed to be the owner of a jewellery shop, from last October to March this year, from pingmou rental company rented 11 cars worth more than 600 million yuan of Mercedes Benz, BMW and other vehicles, after Zhao lost, pingmou found Zhao secured the vehicle after the alarm. After 3 months, Chaoyang police will recover the 11 cars, Zhao has been under criminal detention. Pingmou said that since last October, a Zhao has leased 11 vehicles from the company, including Mercedes Benz, BMW and other high-end vehicles, with a total value of about more than 600 yuan. A few days later, Ms. Zhao phone off, he realized that he might be cheated. Pingmou said he was introduced by a friend, and Ms. Zhao understanding. Zhao claimed to be the owner of a jewellery shop, and lavish in intercourse with him, he just relax vigilance. Subsequently, the suspect Zhao was arrested for another fraud case. Zhao confessed involving vehicles have been transferred out of the way through the mortgage. Because the vehicle was repeatedly secured, the specific location of the vehicle is difficult to determine. Dongba police and Criminal Investigation Detachment set up task force, after a preliminary screening, found that 11 vehicles involved have been transferred to Hebei, Henan and Beijing suburbs and other places fence. The police repeatedly rushed to the site, one by one to the recovery of personnel and vehicles, 11 vehicles will eventually recovered the victim for more than 600 yuan in economic losses. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章:

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