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With the power of Huazhong Normal University "argument" Fan Bingbing fell out very Sohu culture channel to deal with such emergencies, open schools, so at a loss, the power to coerce, naked people rush down, simple and crude, as this was a scholar’s misbehaviour. According to the Beijing News reported that the evening of 24, Fan Bingbing to the central China Normal University school concert hall to participate in the comedy challenge humor seminar Feng Xiaogang. Less than ten minutes before the game, was asked to leave. In response to this, the central China Normal University yesterday released a statement saying, did not know that Fan Bingbing will be present, in order to prevent the situation out of control, shortening the length of stay in the field of the time of the Fan Bingbing. At the scene, Feng Xiaogang explained to the audience that, if (Fan Bingbing) do not leave the power immediately." This matter is not big, but because the celebrity effect soon spread all over the Quartet sparked heated debate. Needless to say, the central China Normal University is missteps, or do nothing in this matter. Even as the school said, Fan Bingbing’s appearance was an accident, the organizers have been at fault; and Fan Bingbing to stay in Taiwan, is chaotic and even personal safety problem, so to deal with such emergencies, open schools, so at a loss, to cut off the electricity threatening, naked people rush down, simple and crude actually, a scholar’s misbehaviour as for this, it is really like Fang Fang said, "too fantastic." At present, China University have a master did not say, but at least in the pattern and temperament do not seem too stingy. According to Fang Fang introduced, at that time the atmosphere is very good, the quality of the students are also very high, the question is also very enthusiastic. And Fan Bingbing answering students’ questions are very sincere; from the photo, Fan Bingbing dressed plain, smiling, the scene is very harmonious. In this case, the rush off the premises, if necessary? It also shows that the school in response to unexpected situations, the use of blocking rather than sparse mechanical way to solve the problem. In the field of security, there should be any unexpected situation to guard against, but the rush to stop activities, perhaps even more prone to riots or stampede accident. The school’s people tell the truth, "going to want to take her away. There won’t be any accident may." It is no wonder that another guest Liu Zhenyun comments: "this Bing Bing became an episode today, I think Huazhong Normal University is really humorous." Fang Fang also lamented, "the reality of the real shot into the film, we will find that we actually live in the absurd." Zhu Dazhi (media)相关的主题文章:

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