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Why the new energy vehicle fraud can often succeed? – Suzhou Golden Dragon due to defrauding new energy vehicles received a huge amount of subsidy funds. According to the car’s announcement, the Ministry of finance will recover Suzhou Jinlong 2015 central government subsidies earmarked 519 million yuan of funds, and make the amount of irregularities on the 50% is a fine of 259 million yuan, which means that Suzhou will be a dragon spit out of nearly 800 million yuan. This is so far the government departments in the new energy vehicles in the incident to cheat the biggest ticket (November 22nd Beijing Youth Daily). Statistics show that in 2015 China’s new energy vehicle sales of 331 thousand and 100 vehicles, compared with an increase of 340% in 2014, more than the United States to become the world’s largest new energy vehicle market. Behind the dazzling data, there have been industry experts said, not quite right". Another set of data is the first 10 months of 2015, there are nearly double the gap between Chinese sales of new energy vehicles and registration analysis that is probably because after the car sale will split the profit reselling fake battery cheat up behavior. This issue has aroused widespread concern in the community and the relevant departments attach great importance to. At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries jointly issued the "notice" on the promotion and application of the verification work of new energy vehicles, the implementation of special inspection management and the use of fiscal funds to promote the application of new energy vehicles. As can be seen from the results of the survey, involving new energy fraud to fill up the car prices up to 72, accounting for nearly 80% of the surveyed companies, and even Dongfeng, FAW, SAIC, GAC list. Such a large amount of fraud, in addition to accusing the company of the rule of law and social responsibility, but also need to reflect on the new energy vehicle subsidy policy itself. On the one hand, the subsidy policy is simple and crude, targeted is not strong, to some companies set aside a space to cheat. China’s new energy automobile enterprises to subsidize the advance to consumers, to apply for government subsidies, and the standard is that pure electric bus subsidies are completely determined by body length, while the passenger will only see mileage, such subsidies standards, subsidies are apparently easy to drill empty son. In fact, the policy can really promote the development of new energy vehicles, subsidies should be invested in the development of new energy vehicles and consumer technology in the process of. Practice from abroad, France will give consumers 5000 euros per car electricity subsidies; German consumers can enjoy 10 years from travel tax concessions, sharing with the home plate in 2016 after another car, in order to save the cost of insurance. These methods are difficult to fake, it is worth learning. On the other hand, due to the pressure to promote the task and the pursuit of profit around the nature of the enterprise, resulting in subsidies related to the relevant supporting system is not implemented, especially the approval mechanism. From the cheat up behavior, is generally the primary means, some enterprises through recycling of waste batteries and then sold to their own way crudely made, the leasing company, quite a few models there is no public sale and into the transport sector. To investigate and deal with Suzhou Jinlong automobile, for example, in the 2015 annual report of the central government subsidies for new energy vehicles, there are 1683相关的主题文章:

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