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Trucks Sure, youre proudly running around town with that NRA membership sticker in your window. But, those are a dime a dozen. Its time to put your money where your mouth is. Whether youre a hunting enthusiast or simply want to give the jerk in the BWM something to think about, every guy needs a truck gun rack. Gun racks come in a range of sizes to fit just about any truck or SUV. Theyre simple to install and are easily mounted without drilling or any other permanent alterations to your rig. Other than their intended use, gun racks also make a handy place to stow fishing rods, protecting them from bending or breaking among the rest of your gear while preventing the lines from becoming tangled. An ATV gun rack is also great for providing a convenient place to hang your cap or other clothing items you want to save from becoming wrinkled. Plus, if you haul rope or cables, gun racks keep them neat and untangled. It kind of goes without saying, but whether youre headed into the woods or into the office, its never a good idea to leave a weapon out in plain sight. Youre just asking for trouble. Stow them safely away in the Classic Accessories seat back gun case. Designed to carry up to three shotguns or rifles, it stows your firearms across the back seat of your SUV or pickup truck, discretely out of sight but conveniently within reach. Another option is the Du-Ha underseat storage case. With DuHa, you get a gun case and organizer for your back seat all in one. It includes a 2-piece gun rack and is constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene material, making it virtually indestructible. A DuHa is simple to install. Just slide the straps on the case through the loops of the seat belt brackets. Best of all, Du-Ha keeps valuables hidden and your floor and seats free of clutter. Installed as either underseat storage or behind seat storage, its virtually invisible to those on the outside of your vehicle, matching your interior with a number of colors, including camo. Speaking of camo, truck seat covers make the perfect finishing touch. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, including camo seat covers, most covers on the market today slip on and off with no tools required and are available for all seats and rows in your vehicle. Many are even treated with water and stain repellents for complete spill protection. Because even though you may drag the wilderness back into your rig, theres no reason to let it ruin your interior. Just make sure youre looking at covers manufactured from quality OEM fabrics with a soft foam backing for added comfort and durability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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