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Why did Duthel Te leave Japan in a bad mood? Original title: finally, Duthel Te left the Japanese author very unhappy: cattle play source: public number [1] in the Andouble cattle play "toss out a cold sweat, the Japanese finally found a reason, in October 27th, Duthel Te will be out in advance. Although still maintained a diplomatic demeanor, but the old man’s heart, also can imagine. Because of his trip to Japan, the last important event, but also the most symbolic of his identity as an event, at the last minute, was canceled by the Japanese side. Old Du can only be bored to stay in the hotel. Japan’s reason highfalutin, on the morning of 27, Emperor Akihito’s uncle, Prince Mikasa Takahito died at the age of 100. The Japanese royal family to a week of mourning, so sorry, old Du, we have no time to see you. Here to insert a sentence, expressed condolences to Prince Mikasa Takahito, who participated in the war of aggression against China, the Japanese prince, and later was a strong anti war. He once said in his book, since January 1943 1 years working in Nanjing China headquarters, during which had heard young officers speaking in order to test the courage and soldiers to bayonet captured things, also read about gas film in vivo. Mikasa Takahito condemned the atrocities of the Japanese army, saying, "under the guise of ‘Jihad’, actually do these things". In an attempt for Andouble of the constitution, Mikasa Takahito expressed strong opposition. In the Japanese royal family, he is the most powerful supporters of the constitution to give up war ninth. He said: "every citizen must become a staunch pacifist, in the Constitution clearly stipulates that the war is the first step." Therefore, the prince has been extreme right-wing forces in Japan in 1959, deep hatred, extreme right-wing broke into three li palace Prince of Chongren palace, the unrest; there are some extreme right-wing warning from the prince of the royal family, or how…… The 100 year old prince died, the emperor of Japan to mourn the name, cancel the diplomatic activities, also seems logical. So, although some old Du bitterly, but still very generous to say that the most profound condolences to the prince’s death, he met with respect to cancel the arrangements, if I were in this situation, I might do. [2] but please note that the old Du said is "possible"! Sorry, dissatisfaction, or shows between the lines. It is the old Du president of Philippines, he visited a country, and other top leaders of the talks was canceled at the last minute. Although many of the old and A thing has its cause., but Du does not respect, not wait to see. As more show common move, the old Du completely can also be arranged to meet personally to express condolences. But the meeting was canceled, but the Japanese government really relieved. Because the words and deeds of the old Du, such as Niu Danqin (WeChat: bullpiano) earlier article, please God easy to send God difficult! Duthel Te did not go, Japan has worried "said, is Japanese was Wei相关的主题文章:

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