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Who will save the broken American democracy? Sohu news [Global Times Roundup] who will bear the responsibility for the terrorist presidential campaign?" The British "Guardian" said 7 days, 2012, Obama and Romney’s competition is called "in modern American history and the polarization entanglement is one of the most fierce campaign". However, the campaign compared with this year is still a model of etiquette. The action to find the successor of Obama into a horror show, exposed under American life appearance the undercurrent of racism and violence. The "national interest" Journal of a "many Americans do not want to face the problem:" as the election dust settles, surfaced in question is whether the United States has institutional crisis into a downward spiral and can not be recovered? The article said that the presidential election should be sounded the alarm for the Americans, because there was no presidential election triggered an unprecedented challenge to the legitimacy of the U.S. government and the electoral system. Since 1850, the country has not experienced such social cleavages. There is no doubt that America can continue to exist, but the problem is the winner of this election will make the country much more decline or social body health from corrosion. "Forget Trump and Hilary, they could not save American democracy" broken, "Sydney Morning Herald" said the American political elites regardless of voters’ opinions made American political jokes, and every bone in the body of the interrupted democracy. At present, the polarization phenomenon in the United States are full of toxicity than ever, "two opposing America" incompatible. The founders of the United States has stressed the importance of negotiation and compromise, but today the party has forgotten warriors. [global times in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan mission freelance reporter Li Xiaohong Zhang Penghui sun micro Aoki blue song of Solomon Wang Yiliuyu Peng Zhen Xiang] read more please see today’s "Global Times" or "download version of universal TIME client login.相关的主题文章:

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