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Music There is a great deal of debate concerning when the best time is to take up a musical instrument will you learn better as a young child? Or will adulthood help you to be.e a better player? It is definitely useful to know the reasoning behind these arguments before you begin your flute lessons but you shouldnt let it distract you from your learning; every age will bring a different perspective and benefit to their lessons. Motivation First and foremost, what is your motivation for taking up the flute? Or if you are a parent, why do you want your child to start music lessons? If you intend to attempt grade examinations, it is always beneficial to start young. Children have the benefit of youth which often means theyll start their lessons confidently and be more open to learning new skills. Its often harder for adults to take quite as naturally to their instruments as they tend to bring more baggage to their lessons i.e. the fear of failing in a new discipline or bad memories of past exams. The fact that children tend to have more confidence in their playing, at least when they are starting out, should mean that they will cope well with the pressure and expectations of grade exams. .mitment .mitting to practising and looking after your instrument are incredibly important if you want to progress in your learning and make the most of your flute lessons. This is where being an adult tends to have the advantage over being a child as an adult, you will have chosen to begin your lessons and so will presumably be .mitted to your practise and progression with the flute. When it .es to children, often they will just be undertaking lessons because their parents want them to learn an instrument, rather than having a real desire to learn themselves. As such, it can be difficult to encourage them to practise and look after their flute which could mean that their mastery of the instrument takes much longer than it would take a .mitted adult. The importance of teaching As ever, it is imperative that you choose the right teacher who will bring out the best in you, whatever your circumstances. If youre a parent looking for the right teacher for your child, its a great idea to research teachers who particularly specialize in teaching children. Theyll be able to work together well and the teacher will encourage your child to practice even if theyre usually disinterested. Similarly, if youre an adult looking to partake in lessons which are a bit more relaxed than the lessons of someone hoping to get ahead in their grades would be, youll find plenty of teachers who are happy to cater to your style. Some teachers offer a trial lesson to ensure that youll work well together and this is an excellent opportunity that you should take advantage of. Whatever age you are, if you are passionate about learning, it will always be a good time to start your flute lessons. Both young and old are able to bring something unique to their learning and, as long as you have a good teacher, youll be able to enjoy and progress a long way in your flute playing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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