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Small Business What Is In It For Me? What is in it for me?. These four words seem like the only thing that come out of the mouth of most people these days. They do not seem to care about anything except, what is in it for them. Do you really think you will get more out of life and your business by going through it caring about nothing but, what is in it for me! Read and Weep! Here is a little story to make you think about that question, What is in it for me. There was this man that lived most of his life by nothing more than, What is in it for me attitude. He did not care about anybody or anything unless he got something out of it for himself. One day when he was older, he had a visit to the doctor. The doctor told him he had a very rapid form of cancer and he had only three to six months to live. The doctor explained to him that there was nothing they could do, but there were some experimental treatments out there if he wanted to try them. So he thought, why not, anything would be better than death. The treatments made him deathly sick to where he actually thought being dead would be better. Then a few weeks later he received a phone call from his doctor. The doctor was almost screaming on the phone saying, You were misdiagnosis, the lab made a mistake, you do not have cancer! A New Beginning Could you just image the unbelievable emotions that you would be having at that moment, if this happened to you! Well, with this news, it changed this mans life forever. He took a whole new outlook to life. No more he thought would it be only, What is in it for me! He looked at each day as a gift. He was going to have true abundance in life and his business from now on. So what does all this mean? to have true abundance and not go around in life just thinking, What is in it for me? True abundance is not measured by what you have, but by what you give! In our society, people are caught up in the need for greed. They base other people on what they have rather than who they are. Everyday Is A Gift There is a book out called, Everyday is a Gift! In it they give steps to stop thinking about only yourself, to stop being selfish and start giving to others. The first one is Gratitude. Everyday think of ten things that you are grateful for. The next is Forgive, let go of the past, stop carrying all that anger and holding a grudge. Next step is Love, tell people you love and appreciate them. And Donate, it does not have to be money, go through your garage and clean it out, give it to those that need it more than you. And last, Praise, look for the good in people and tell them how much your appreciate them. If you commit to these few steps in your life and business you will become a lot happier person. Your life will become stress free and your business will become more successful than you had ever imagined. Zig Ziglar Quote! A great quote from Zig Ziglar, he says: you can have anything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want! So if your not happy in your life and your business is not successful, remember that everyday is a gift and implement Zig Ziglars quote into you everyday life. About the Author: Julianne Rowat, the author, has other articles and videos on motivational and self improvement. She is an internet marketing consultant that enjoys helping others with different types of advertising to grow their business without all the expense. If you want to know more about her, visit her blog at: .www.juliannerowatsblog.com or her website at: .www.ultimatewealthfromhome.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Small Business 相关的主题文章:

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