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What is the way to teach the little guy, that is, do not hurt him, but also constructive – Sohu bear children?! Let the small treasure eliminate bear children this topic "attribute" to two days before the ah, Xiao Nan said so on how to appreciate the baby thing, I listened to my heart "click", don’t let things drift to the baby? When can discipline baby? Since the baby at the age of 1, freedom of movement and learning ability are enhanced, well, it is clear and carry out some of the requirements, so as to learn rules, such as cooperation and self-discipline, if you think of "treasure grown wiser to leave too late" attitude, I have thought it would be can discipline to come over? Xiao Nan Bao suggested that 1 years old, you can start to discipline, positive discipline will only help Baba Mama use cool way to deal with the problem of the baby, and the baby can not say more, live more happily. Baba asked: set the rules will not stifle the baby’s ability? First of all, the little to say, only 1 year old baby, how many mature thinking and judgment ability? To Baba Mama give enough guidance to help him know what is right, what is the behavior of inappropriate behavior, so as to adapt to the society? Of course, the rules are not too much, a list of seven or eight rules to be not the specific Jiabao according to your circumstances, and, in some cases, according to the actual development of treasure, let him learn to solve problems independently. For example, in a reasonable range, so that their own toys to explore different ways of playing; let him with their own preferences, pick up a few pieces of clothing, snacks, etc.. Well, what are the theory in theory, and are often clever treasure, actually? Treasure if there are so small with obedient, thank God, it is always because of this little guy gas inside, your family treasure, mischief, is not also want to carry a beating? Well, does this mean the palm whipping intimidation effect is not as effective as we imagined, the timeliness of the so-called baby will feel fear, after not again, in fact very short. No way, Po’s memory is too short, will soon be a good scar forget the pain". So, the focus is not to fight or not to fight, but that there is no treasure Baba Mama teach how to do, otherwise not only teach, Bao did not learn the appropriate behavior, again and again three mistakes, it’s natural. Positive parenting way, should be used for a constructive and not damage the treasure, to teach the little guy, both cooperation and happy, well, this is your goal to Baba mama. Finally, the weight of the second, how to discipline your baby. To deal with this little girl, can use the following steps: each time with simple rules two to three (such as the meal before leaving the seat); and draw the treasure not to the region (such as kitchen). All the people have to take care of the baby, using the same method, resolutely implement the method, will be easy to work, or within the first order, what about parenting treasure? To give the baby.相关的主题文章:

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