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Was asked to be the next park "Cai Yingwen does not respond to turn away – Sohu news Chinese Taiwan network November 29th news, the Taiwan authorities to protest the so-called" improper Party committee "to freeze the assets of the Kuomintang, and will" cast ", Yutai Hin two companies NT $15 billion 600 million assets have received public China today (November 29th, the Kuomintang) launched a two wave of protests, the first morning to" submit "marking and protest, afternoon call party workers to" submit "pay talks". It is reported that the KMT today (November 29th) relay protest will just warm up, the future does not rule out the expansion of action to protest Cai Yingwen residence. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, the KMT Party headquarters in Taipei city and trade unions, youth members gathered in the "party" before the morning, a young army to "property" with paper money, lost egg protest, even once the raid party will "back door, violent collision with the police. At the same time, the KMT chairman Qiu Dazhan line into the "property of" marking, asked to see the previous meeting record. Qiu exhibition pointed out that the hearing record is equivalent to witness transcripts must be detailed confirmation, but found the name wrong, and the "net" to "professional net", history is too dense. In addition, the party will ask to see the exhibition, "the previous meeting data, because previously held hearings had asked the Kuomintang of the Kuomintang, want to know whether such information is provided to the members of the" reference. Qiu said the exhibition, the Kuomintang proposed important data first pot of gold "," if the assets will be "no data" member ", that is tantamount to his black box. He questioned, courts are open to the public, "the party will" make administrative punishment so important should be open and transparent, but why has made administrative punishment, but still can not open? "This is not a black box, what is the black box operation". He also pointed out that the "property" of the contractor asked not only say that this is not the three, they can decide. The KMT in the party will "fight, the future does not rule out the Cai Yingwen residence to protest, and Cai Yingwen today (November 29th) morning public appearances, attended the event. According to the rating agency reported, according to media cases at the end of the event, to prepare questions outside the venue for Cai Yingwen media propaganda, shouting "repair same-sex marriage law" and other issues, Cai did not respond. Then the media shouted, "someone says you are a park, Cai more do not respond immediately in the security personnel escorted the elevator to leave off.相关的主题文章:

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