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Wang Lin solo exhibition: Huo Yuanjia didn’t know paradise house invites you to participate in [Huo Yuanjia don’t know – Wang Lin solo exhibition opening ceremony, an exhibition of works of different series of artists in recent years, the exhibition will show until October 11th, welcome visitors! Thank you for your support of heaven and the young artist’s house. [in 80s and 90s for a long time, the martial arts movement and the decomposition of the cold weapon has a large number of popular mail order in the journal circles, in order to attract readers, promote circulation, and to increase income for a magazine. This trend is the root formation of patriotism and heroism oriented and a martial arts film hit by now seems quite some "weak people" the sense of comfort. One hundred years ago, Mr. Huo Yuanjia founded Jingwu Sports Association, advocating a "moral, intellectual and physical" and patriotism, the cultural heritage, to read. The existence of the truth has been seventy years, and now it is gone. A moment of trance, only the picture dependent, story dependent, but no one touch. Wang Lin’s paintings are games, games and games. The image of the times is often intriguing, standing in an unknown perspective to touch the past, and then in the form of a different presentation, but the formation of ideas. Of course, she does not criticize, no humor, no idea is not "doctrine", just borrowed the picture, when the painting to draw, and the results of the show and have. Huo Yuanjia doesn’t know this, but Huo Junqing may have seen Wu Junqing. Wang Lin, 1986, born in Jilin, Changchun. 2012 graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts freehand figure studio. 2013 was admitted to the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Chinese painting department graduate, taught by Professor Li Xiaoxuan. Heilongjiang Province Academy of distinguished painter. 2015 friendly China creator artist residency project. 2016, multiple visual and Contemporary Art Exhibition (Shenzhen) youth development fund, the second artists in the exhibition de unbounded (Potsdam) and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts exhibition of contemporary ink Koinonia (Beijing, Cangzhou), the view of ecological open ink (Weihai) plan (Beijing is the concept of Qingjin Gallery) Yi Hong Ying – 2016 young female artists (Beijing Yanhuang Art Museum exhibition) 8080 80 contemporary Chinese painting artists nominated Exhibition (Chinese CPPCC wenshiguan), 2015 – Wang Lin Villena no secret residency program first painting exhibition (Spain) seven hours after the scenic Wang Lin station plan Painting Exhibition (Spain), Hi second to 21 new art fair (Shanghai Siyuan) and the valley Cup second poly "star institute" (Beijing) ten years, Today Art Museum "Kaiser Art Star" (Beijing) Nanjing International Art Exhibition (Nanjing) new ink and New Youth (Beijing), asked the elephant moving environment ink painting exhibition (Nanjing) 1.8km 72hours| is a public art project collective migration (Tianjin) "parade" — 80 youth female artist Exhibition (Beijing, Cangzhou, Suzhou) "paper 6相关的主题文章:

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