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Baby — take the textbook dad too cattle walk! (original) – Sohu, the parent child psychologist Xu Jingying mother today, see a mother to go to work, at home alone with the baby’s father sent the video. Netizens have said in the video, the baby is very cute, father with video, trying to play freely. But what I have to say is that I really love my dad. How to deal with children’s negative emotions? This is a headache for parents, often consulting problems. Video of the father, for their children’s negative emotions (mother to work, very unhappy), carried out a positive, effective, scientific, love to deal with. Just fifty-three seconds of video, absolutely called a walking textbook! In the video, Dad never photographed, a three year old baby sitting on the bed, look carefully, the face of tears. Dad: he asked the mother go to work, you are not feeling a bit uncomfortable? Baby nod: well. And then I cried. Dad said, wait, wait, has not started yet, the baby cry suddenly. Dad asked: do you think it’s better to cry? Baby answer: well. Dad said, cry. The baby cried and cried. Cried a few, the father said, well, you now feel, the heart is not a bit better? Baby answer, is. Dad said, let’s eat some fruit, watch cartoons, and then go to dinner, OK? The baby is very happy. Dad said, you now think of mother, do you still want to cry? Baby answer, uh. Daddy said, then cry again! The baby was made to cry, but seems to have no sense of sadness, a grin, wanted to laugh and cry. Dad laughed, isn’t it funny? The baby nodded in agreement, the father said: Well, let’s record it today, tomorrow, then record, okay. See it, the dialogue is so simple, the effect is so magical. Can think of what will happen next – the baby is no longer crying, but obediently eat fruit, watch cartoons, eat! The negative emotion is so easy to resolve, the father’s wonderful in the coup? See me one by one. Mother to work, the baby is not happy, crying, negative emotions, is the problem facing the father. But he did not find the baby or scorched by the flames, and together with the dead mother back, calm the mood, it stuck in the same problem. But, see and say the baby’s mood: "Mom to work, you are not in the heart uncomfortable?" And out of the problem, to find another way to replace the video, the baby crying negative emotions recorded. Know that negative emotions are like the dark side, and if we see it, with the light of awareness, it is no longer there. Alone with the baby’s father, successfully opened the first step in the baby’s emotional management – to see the mood. This is Dad wow, see the baby after the negative emotions,!相关的主题文章:

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