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"The dog dog dog: professional nanny nanny": professional dog soon, Dani holding the small dog "millet" returned to the community hall, and then the Dani studio partner from Canada Marie has been holding a girl named Bansky Kazakhstan Shiqi in the door. Marie enthusiastically greets Dani’s dog in English: "Hello, millet."! Are you ready for exercise?" Then, Dani and Marie squatted down, after a couple of petting to the dog, started off to the nearby pedestrian street. Chengdu Business Daily reporter found that in the line to different sections, Dani and Marie will have different requirements for dogs. In the quiet street, Dani and Marie make deliberate training two dogs were walking in his front right, when the dog ran to the other direction, they will stop and re adjust the position, and then move on; when crossing the road, you will be asked to follow the dog in his right foot, when the dog at regulations to smooth the end the road, Dani and Marie will immediately come up with baked dog biscuits, as a reward. "We think that the dog is always on the right side of the owner, and it’s the safest place, so when we walk the dog, we try to train the dog to walk on the right side of the owner." Dani explains. Came to a small garden, Dani and Marie two were significantly relaxed the dog action "control", because the two dogs size difference, Dani and Marie respectively with different lead dog sports, Dani led a large dog to play Frisbee husky; and the smaller dog, then led by Marie, went for a walk in the garden. After about 20 minutes in the garden, Marie said, "millet is tired. I’ll take it back first."." Dani Bansky led the huskies, continue to exercise. 40 minutes later, Dani’s alarm clock rang, "Okay, Bansky, we should go home."!" Then, holding back Bansky Dani. However, come to a crossroads, smart Bansky suddenly recognized that this is the way home, furthermore, it won’t go in the street, and Dani. At this point, Dani exhausted the touch, give the dog biscuits and other means, but still can not take Bansky away, "I can not force the dog dragged away, so bad for dogs, I have to call another friend to ask."." Dani said, dial the phone, not for a while, another partner Ruby Dani studio, soon arrived, like magic, when Ruby appears, simply touch the Bansky for a while, take it around for a while, Bansky should obediently follow Ruby to the home to go.

  “遛狗保姆”:专业遛狗   “遛狗保姆”:专业遛狗   不一会儿,Dani牵着小型土狗“小米”回到了小区大厅,而这时,Dani工作室的合伙人,来自加拿大的女孩Marie已经牵着一只名叫Bansky的哈士奇等在了门口。Marie热情地用英语招呼Dani手中的小狗:“你好,小米!准备好运动了吗?”紧接着,Dani和Marie蹲下来,对着两只狗狗一阵爱抚后,就出发前往附近的步行街。   成都商报记者发现,在行至不同路段时,Dani和Marie都会对狗狗有不同的要求。在安静地步行街上,Dani和Marie刻意训练让两只狗狗都走在自己的右前方,每当狗狗跑到其他方向时,她们都会停下来,重新调整位置,再继续前行;过马路时,则会要求狗狗紧紧跟随在自己的右脚旁,当狗狗按规定顺利过完马路后,Dani和Marie会立即拿出亲手烘焙的狗饼干,作为奖赏。“我们认为,狗狗时刻处在主人的右侧,是最安全的地方,所以我们遛狗时,会刻意培养狗狗走在主人右侧的习惯。”Dani解释说。   而来到一处小花园后,Dani和Marie两人则明显放松了对狗狗行动的“管制”,由于两只狗狗体型相差较大,Dani和Marie分别带领狗狗做起了不同的运动,Dani带领的大型犬哈士奇,以玩儿扔飞盘为主;而体型较小的土狗,则由Marie带领着,在花园里遛弯。   在花园运动了大约20分钟后,Marie说:“小米已经累了,我先带它回去。”而Dani则带领着哈士奇Bansky,继续运动。   40分钟后,Dani的闹钟响了,“好了Bansky,我们该回家了!”说罢,Dani牵着Bansky往回走。然而,走到某个路口时,聪明的Bansky突然认出了这是回家的路,意犹未尽的它怎么也不肯再往前走,与Dani僵持在了路边。此时,Dani用尽了抚摸,给狗饼干等各种办法,却始终无法将Bansky带走,“我不能强行把狗狗拖走,这样对狗狗不好,我必须给另一个朋友打电话问问。”说着,Dani拨通了电话,不一会儿,Dani工作室的另一位合伙人Ruby,很快赶到,非常神奇地,当Ruby出现后,只是简单地抚摸了Bansky一会儿,带它在周围闲逛一阵,Bansky竟然乖乖地跟着Ruby往家的方向走去。相关的主题文章:

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