Vietnam netizen group of Kampuchea Nanhai position Cambodia Cambodian Prime Minister is not the pupp roxane hayward

Vietnam netizen group of Kampuchea Nanhai position: Cambodia Cambodian Prime Minister is not the puppet map: Kampuchea has been invaded Vietnam, and the establishment of the pro government of Kampuchea in the South China Sea issue to maintain justice by Wang Yi highly praised the original title: Kampuchea prime minister accused the South Vietnamese netizens retort not Vietnam puppet because of the support of China position on the South China Sea. Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen recently on the social networking site by Vietnam netizen abuse. In August 26th, Hong Sen returned to Kampuchea on the face of his Internet users accused of saying: Kampuchea and the South China Sea is not a relationship, Vietnam is not a puppet of Vietnam, Vietnam will not serve the interests of. Reporters on the 28 day to see, Hong Sen’s reply has received 11 thousand points praise. Since this month, Hong Sen has refuted the 3 Vietnamese Internet users accused of the South China Sea position in Kampuchea. A man named "Ruan Wencai" Vietnam users on August 26th in Hong Sen’s Facebook page message, respectively with Vietnamese, English and Khmer said: "in the current society, no country will always be good brothers, good friends, are all enemies! If I were Vietnamese leaders, Kampuchea as a free the countries in our help, won’t let him like now is Chinese manipulation. At the same time, in the South China Sea issue, Vietnam does not have to rely on small countries such as Kampuchea and laos. Vietnam should be as direct as China’s naval war from 1978 to 1979 against Xisha." This message attracted the attention of Hong Sen, he sent a response in the evening of 26 accused. Hong Sen said in reply: "I really admire you understand several languages, such as English, Khmer, vietnamese. But I’m not Vietnamese, will not reply to you in Vietnamese, Khmer, English can only be used to do the following reply: as you have said, should not let Kampuchea and Laos interference in the South China Sea issue. This is the government of Vietnam. You have the right to decide how to solve the problem in the form of war or peace. But what I want to say to you is that you should respect Laos and Kampuchea, especially Kampuchea, because we have never interfered with the South China Sea issue." Hong Sen went on to write, "I hope the Vietnamese government will understand my response to this comment and educate its people not to bother me again. I have received many Vietnamese people for me and our Kampuchea national insulting remarks, I want to tell you: please respect the independence and sovereignty of the state. Because Kampuchea and other countries, including Vietnam, have equal rights." Hong Sen said: I would like to reiterate: I am not a puppet of Vietnam, Vietnam will not serve the interests of. I am not Vietnam’s boss, will not require Vietnam to serve the interests of Kampuchea. The issue of the South China Sea should be solved peacefully by the Vietnamese government and the Chinese government, which is better than the way you use dirty words to attack on my home page." According to the "Global Times" reporter, since Hong Sen expressed support for China stance in the South China Sea issue, especially in Kampuchea to the Hague arbitration result to the ASEAN foreign ministers’ statement, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Vietnamese netizens in Kampuchea government and Prime Minister Hong Sen of the social web page message, people also use insulting words accused Kampuchea of supporting China. Vietnam, the education newspaper, 28, said it was Hong Sen this month, the third time"相关的主题文章:

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