Van Gogh’s two paintings were stolen in Italy after a period of 14 years mycoolboy

Two Van Gogh paintings stolen after 14 years to reproduce the original title in Italy: stolen 14 years missing two Van Gogh paintings in Italy back in September 26th, "Van Gogh" interactive lighting art exhibition meeting in Nanjing city planning and construction exhibition hall debut, the perfect combination of laser digital high-definition projection and surround sound, using modern mapping technology. The traditional paintings of Van Gogh in a large electronic screen display. China News Agency reporters Yang Bo and she photo, September, 30, according to foreign media reports, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said the museum, said Vincent,’s two paintings stolen in Amsterdam after a period of 14 years, the police found in Italy. The museum said in a statement, two paintings were stolen after the creation in 1882 of the "Scheveningen Beach" and 1884 to 1885 "leave Nuenen church". The relevant departments of Italy, said in the identification of the paintings, the two paintings is authentic. Despite 14 years of theft, the paintings of the two Van Gogh are still well preserved. In December 7, 2002, the suspects broke into the Amsterdam City Museum, and a simple ladder to climb on the roof, they broke the window, with a long rope and stole two pieces of millions of dollars worth of work. Van Gogh Museum, said the bold theft of Holland police shocked. Since then the painting has been missing until it was found in the Naples area. The museum said it was not clear when the paintings were returned to Amsterdam, and they are now being used as evidence to continue the investigation. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章:

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