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United States well-known political analysts: Hilary won a greater chance of election – Sohu morning news reporter Xu Huifen November 8th, U.S. election day. Who will become the new owner of the White House, the answer is about to be announced. Before the end of the final election results, the morning news reporter interviewed a well-known political analyst in the United States – Larry, director of the center for political studies, University of Virginia, Professor Sabato. Professor Sabato is very accurate in the prediction of the election in the United States, since 2000, he maintained a 98% forecast accuracy, and thus won many awards. This time, Sabato’s crystal ball will predict who will become the new president of the United States? The United States election is not a direct election to understand who is more likely to win the election, we must first understand how the United States presidential election. Although the United States voters will vote in the general election on their own, but the U.S. election is actually an indirect election, the implementation of the electoral college system. The two presidential candidates, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary and Republican presidential candidate, Trump, who will be able to get the votes of more than 270 votes, who will be able to enter the white house. This indirect election rather than direct way, means that either Hilary or Trump is not earned nationwide registered voters "head ticket" will be able to board the presidency of the United States, the key lies in who can get more than half of the vote. The electoral college consists of 538 electors representing 50 states and Washington, DC, including a total of 100 senators, representatives of all the members of the house of Representatives, and representatives of the 3 Washington, D. c.. The number of senators is allocated by state, 2 in each state, and the number of members is determined by the number of people in the state. In the general election, first of all, state voters vote on presidential candidate obtains more than half of the votes in the state of the candidates will directly get all of the state’s electoral votes, also known as the "winner take all", this rule applies to 48 states except Maine and Blass in California and Washington d.c.. Maine and Nebraska distribute voter votes by the proportion of votes in the general election. In the United States, that the electoral college system unreasonable, called for the abolition of the voice has not stopped. The electoral college system is often criticized for not being able to best represent the will of the American electorate and is easily manipulated by political parties. "Electoral and constitutional" author, University of Denver law professor Hardaway research pointed out that over the past 200 years, Congress has more than 700 bills relating to cancel the "electoral college" system, there are nearly 4 times per year, but ultimately ended in failure. And this year’s election, but also the electoral college system. Trump won no small difficulty according to Professor Sabato led the University of Virginia Center for political studies in November 3rd to draw the election forecast of view, Hilary is likely to get 293 electoral votes, while Trump is 214. 538 electoral votes, and another 31 votes for the two sides compete for the most intense battlefield, who is going to spend, it is difficult to predict. From this data we can see that Hilary is more likely to win the election. "Greece"相关的主题文章:

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