United Nations to restore humanitarian aid to the Syrian Asian Games avbox

The United Nations back to Syria humanitarian aid – China News Agency in Beijing in September 22, the new network Geneva news: the United Nations humanitarian relief agency local 21 issued a statement, announced the resumption of humanitarian aid to Syria. United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement, "on the delivery of supplies and the team is ready, we strive to send relief supplies to the besieged area as soon as possible." At the same time, the United Nations called on all parties to provide a safe, unrestricted, smooth, continuous access to all parts of the territory of Syria channels to help people suffering from serious shortage of supplies in Syria. The Office spokesman Jens Ralfe said? The fastest relief supplies will arrive in 22 days, but he did not disclose the specific location, but said it would not have been serious team to enter the city of Syria in the northern city of Aleppo. Reuters quoted WHO in Syria on behalf of Elizabeth? Hof as saying that if the security risk assessment are available, they will be ready in 22 days of medical equipment sent to villages and towns in suburb of Damascus. Broadcasting British Corporation reported that U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey called for during the delivery of relief supplies in northern Syria, all aircraft grounded, to ensure that the rescue team safety. 19, 2009, a humanitarian convoy in the rescue of goods shipped to Aleppo was attacked, causing dozens of casualties, the United Nations announced in on the 20th to suspend the delivery of relief supplies to Syria. For the attack, the United States accused the Russian air force. The Russian military has denied the incident, and pointed out that when the rescue team was attacked, there is a U.S. drone incident area. 10 this month, the United States and Russia agreed on a ceasefire agreement in Syria, the parties to the conflict in Syria since September 12th ceasefire week. 19, 2009, the military announced the end of the ceasefire in Syria, and accused militants attacked the residents and government forces during the ceasefire stronghold. (end)相关的主题文章:

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