U.S. media secret real Yao Ming humor inherent in a sense of responsibility (video)-freyja

American media reveal the real Yao Ming: humor born with a strong sense of responsibility of fame deserved the Yao Ming occupation career news September 8th Yao Ming sports Tencent mixed cut this weekend will be officially settled in the hall of fame, the American media YAHOO! Instead of focusing on his great career, he took the details of life as a starting point to show a true Yao Ming. Yao Ming is about to enter the NBA Hall of fame in 2003, Yao Ming has just joined the NBA a few months, the Rockets in a staff intends to trick the rookie. He found a mouse in the locker room, put it in the shoe box and put it in Yao Ming’s locker. He thought that the height of 2 meter 29, Yao Ming suddenly saw looks refined and cultured the little things will jump. But the truth is, Yao Ming didn’t panic. After opening the shoes to see the mouse, Yao Ming calmly looked to the bench guard Muci – Norris (height 1 m 85) locker. "Oh, this is Norris’s brother." Yao Ming said. Yao Ming the first time into the Union (Colin Pine) to describe this smile, and similar to the natural sense of humor to show that there are hundreds of pieces. In 2002, Yao Ming was selected by the Rockets in the first round, he was the first to be elected NBA champion international players, but also the most widely watched basketball superstar in asia. But want to adapt to NBA, Yao Ming also need a translation. And that time Pan Kelun is a U.S. government radio to do translation work, often travel to Asia, he had worked as an English teacher in Taiwan. Before Yao Ming was chosen by NBA, Pan Kelun’s friends told him that there was a job posting on the web site of the Asia Research council. Pan Kelun submitted his resume, after three rounds of interviews, the final success of the translation of Yao Ming, he is the Chinese giant and the English speaking world bridge. Pan Kelun first met Yao Ming at the airport, he and his mother, the Rockets, the staff received a just off the plane of the staff of the president of the United States of America, the first time in the airport, the first time, the first time, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the first time in the airport, he and his. Later, Pan Kelun and Yao Ming went to the press conference, the media reporters mobbed the scene. "At first, I knew that Yao Ming’s arrival would be a big event, but I wasn’t ready for it." Pan Kelun said, "that feeling is surreal, anywhere, you will have this feeling. Especially in Yao Ming’s first season." Even today, Pan Kelun is surprised that Yao Ming can handle so many things. As a champion, Yao Ming did not play the expected performance in the early, so two weeks later, TNT commentator on the assertion that the field averaged 3.3 points Yao Ming will not get more than 19 points in the game scores. Barkley’s remarks were clearly not to be ignored, but two days later, Yao Ming got a score of 20 points in a game. At the same time, Yao Ming also received extensive media attention. Especially in many Asian Toronto and San Francisco, once Yao Ming, media reporter is the number is almost two times the rush on like a swarm of hornets, other than the city. Yao Ming is also involved in business activities. 2002 New Year’s Eve, the Rockets in the afternoon at home after the Bucks, Yao Ming after sitting in the evening相关的主题文章:

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