Two year old baby often inexplicable daze is actually epileptic seizures (video)

A two-year-old baby often rather baffling "trance" was actually seizures recently, who lives in Wuchang, the young mother Ms. Chen some worry, less than two years old son has been walking instability, often eat the bowl on the floor, the more strange is that the baby is often rather baffling "trance". At first, the family also felt that the child is "naughty", but the baby daze phenomenon is more and more serious, and even limbs shaking. Yesterday, Ms. Chen and his family took his son to the pediatric examination of the people’s Hospital of Wuhan university. After the admissions of pediatric director Yao Baozhen, carefully asked the child’s birth and development and the performance of seizures, EEG examination and brain imaging examination, diagnosed with epilepsy in children. Ms. Chen recalls, two years ago when she was born baby dystocia, the child was born due to brain hemorrhage was sent to the care ward. Later, Ms. Chen found that children were always less advanced than their peers, until they were two years old, and they were always shaking. Yao Baozhen said, such epilepsy is not uncommon, children within a month before and after birth, brain damage caused by various reasons, or premature infants, ultra-low birth weight infants are high-risk groups of epilepsy in children. Yao Baozhen warned that some early onset of epilepsy is not obvious, parents should pay attention to the child’s "abnormal behavior", if a child suddenly "trance", limbs twitch, laughter and other symptoms, there may be a seizure, if not long-term standard treatment, may suffer accidental injury and child attack. Children with epilepsy sooner rather than later, the earlier the treatment, the control of the illness is more favorable. (reporter Hu Fangyuan) daddy seventy bus passengers timely rescue emergency seizure

两岁宝宝常莫名其妙“发呆” 竟是癫痫发作近日,家住武昌的年轻妈妈陈女士有些着急,两岁不到的儿子至今走路不稳,吃饭时常会把碗摔在地上,更为奇怪的是,宝宝常会莫名其妙地“发呆”。起初,家人还觉得孩子是“调皮”,但宝宝发呆现象越来越严重,甚至出现四肢不自主地抖动。昨天,陈女士和家人带着儿子赶往武大人民医院儿科检查。该院儿科主任姚宝珍接诊后,仔细询问了孩子的出生发育情况及发作时的表现,经脑电图检查和颅脑影像检查,确诊为小儿癫痫。陈女士回忆,两年前她生宝宝时难产,孩子一出生因颅脑出血被送进监护病房。随后,陈女士发现,孩子发育上总比同龄的小孩要落后一些,直到两岁才开始学会走路,还总是摇摇晃晃。姚宝珍说,类似这样的癫痫患儿并不少见,孩子出生前后一个月内,因各种原因导致的脑部损伤,或是早产儿、超低体重儿等都是小儿癫痫的高危人群。姚宝珍提醒,有些癫痫病发病初期并不明显,家长要留心孩子的“异常行为”,如果孩子有突然“发呆”,肢体抽搐、痴笑等症状,有可能是癫痫发作,如果不进行长期规范的治疗,孩子发作时可能会遭受各种意外伤害。小儿癫痫的治疗宜早不宜迟,越早治疗,对病情的控制越为有利。(记者胡方园) 七旬爹爹突发癫痫 公交车司乘及时施救相关的主题文章:

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