Two turn lose 0-5! The battle was over the Chinese nouveau riche small fans face Meng

Two turn lose 0-5! The battle was over the Chinese nouveau riche small fans face Meng circle Phoenix sports news Beijing time September 10th 19:352016 season, the twenty-fourth round of Super League, Hebei Huaxia happiness 0-3 defeat to Guangzhou Hengda this season, the two round of confrontation, Huaxia happiness into 0 ball lost 5 ball, the battle was over Hengda Nouveau riche. China Happy fans how disappointed the game, a small fan gave a perfect interpretation of the expression. At the beginning of the season, Huaxia happiness full of confidence, they introduced Ravitch and gervinho and other big players, led by Li Tie, the Chinese happy record very well in the early stage, before the League 14 round, they lost only two games, once ranked second in the standings. But then, Hengda injury was destroyed, Ravitch and gervinho has injured the core of foreign aid, China happiness once suffered 5 defeats, a sudden turn for the worse situation. In such a situation, Li Tie class, Pellegrini entered. This game, Pellegrini did not appear in the command of the court, but the spectators in the stands, I believe, he also saw the Chinese happy with Hengda gap, though it is not a short duration of time but the heritage of nouveau riche, can be formed. The two round of the game, the Chinese happy into the 0 ball lost 5 goals, the gap is very obvious. Especially in today’s game, Hengda more than international had been playing in the round of 12, but still easily destroy the Chinese happy, whether it is in transition, the ability of individuals or players, Huaxia happiness behind hengda. Small fans in the second half, the Chinese happy fans have been shouting "Hebei battle", they hope that China does not give up the happiness, but helpless, the gap between the two obvious. The expression of a small fan on the scene to explain everything, he was a loss of face, obviously no confidence in China’s happiness. This game, so that the well-being of China to see the gap between themselves and Hengda, but under the leadership of Pei Shuai, China will improve the well-being. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章:

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