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Tourists travel travel agency was sentenced to sudden heart attack death compensation 170 thousand original title: tourists travel travel agency sudden death court sentenced to bear responsibility for the travel agency compensation for the families of the deceased 17 yuan Zhao to enroll in a travel agency group Hailar 8 days 7 night, on a trip to sudden death myocardial infarction, therefore, Zhao the families of the travel agencies and insurance companies to court, ask for compensation for medical expenses, death compensation totaling more than 100 yuan, the insurance company shall bear the liability for compensation in the scope of personal accident insurance. The day before, the court heard the case in Haidian court revival. The family members claim for millions of Zhao’s family members for unexpected claims, the accompanying personnel lack the knowledge and experience of the tour guide, and there are problems in the service attitude, emergency drug allocation and so on. When the dangerous situation occurs, unexpectedly can not find the person, also did not take the first aid measure, causes Zhao’s illness to be unable to retrieve. The family members sued for the compensation of the medical expenses, cremation fees, death compensation and mental damage solatium totaling more than 100 yuan, and the insurance company paid compensation within the scope of its insurance liability. During the trial, the travel agency argued that Zhao’s death was caused by his own illness and had nothing to do with the company. The company has fulfilled the obligation of salvage, without fault. Zhao, in violation of statutory and contractual obligations, conceals his health, and should bear the responsibility himself. Found that the ground connection personnel did not rescue, the court found that, at 11 o’clock in August 14, 2015, Zhao in the call and Noel during free activity suddenly appeared coma, was sent to Hailar. 12:52, Zhao died after rescue. After the hospital issued a death record and death medical certificate (inference) book, record Zhao had coronary heart disease history, the cause of death was myocardial infarction. During the trial, after the inquiry, the travel agency confirmed that the personnel did not carry out emergency treatment for Zhao, but thought that the ground connection personnel then helped to seek help. The travel agency was sentenced to bear responsibility for 20% after the court hearing that the tourism service contract relationship has been formed between the two sides. According to the fact finding, Zhao had a history of coronary heart disease, Zhao’s cause of death is caused by their own diseases, Zhao should bear the main responsibility. The court held that travel agencies should take emergency measures such as carrying first-aid drugs to treat the common diseases of the elderly, arranging emergency rescue skills and other corresponding security measures. But according to ascertain the facts, dejieshe arrangement of the ground staff did not obtain a tour guide license, do not have engaged in the tour activities qualifications, also do not carry emergency drugs related to the ground staff not the first time to take emergency measures, the behavior has caused some delays to rescue Zhao time. In addition, the compact stroke, easy to induce coronary heart disease attack. To sum up, the court held that the social security agency did not fulfill the obligation of security protection, nor did it fulfill the obligation of rescue, and assumed 20% responsibility for Zhao’s death. Finally, the court decided that the travel agency should pay medical expenses, funeral expenses and death compensation to Zhao family for a total of more than 17 yuan. After the verdict, Zhao’s family appealed. Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyu editor: the flourishing SN123

游客旅途中突发心梗猝死 旅行社被判赔偿17万   原标题:游客旅途中猝死 旅行社被判担责   法院一审判决旅行社赔偿死者家属17万余元   赵某报名参加某旅行社组团的海拉尔8天7夜游,在旅游途中突发心梗致死,为此,赵某的家属将旅行社及保险公司诉至法院,要求对方赔偿医疗费、死亡赔偿金等共计100余万元,保险公司在人身意外保险范围内承担赔偿责任。日前,海淀法院复兴法庭审结了此案。   家属为意外索赔百万   赵某的家属诉称,地陪人员缺乏导游知识和经验,在服务态度、急救药物配备等方面存在问题。在险情出现时,居然找不到人,也没有采取急救措施,致使赵某的病情无法挽回。家属起诉请求判令旅行社赔偿医药费、火化费、死亡赔偿金、精神损害抚慰金共计100余万元,保险公司在其保险责任范围内赔偿。   庭审中,旅行社辩称,赵某的死亡系自身疾病导致,与公司无关。公司尽到了救助义务,不存在过错。赵某违反法定及约定义务,隐瞒健康状况,其应自行承担责任。   查明地接人员未施救   法院经审理查明,2015年8月14日11时许,赵某在呼和诺尔自由活动期间突然出现昏迷,后被送往海拉尔。12时52分,赵某经抢救无效死亡。后医院出具死亡记录及死亡医学证明(推断)书,记载赵某患有冠心病史,死亡原因为心肌梗塞。庭审中,经询问,旅行社认可地接人员未对赵某进行紧急救治,但认为地接人员当时协助寻求了帮助。   旅行社被判担责两成   法院经审理后认为,双方之间形成了旅游服务合同关系。根据查明事实,赵某患有冠心病史,赵某的死亡原因系自身所患疾病所致,赵某应承担主要责任。   法院认为,旅行社应当采取例如携带救治老年人常见疾病的急救药物、安排具有应急救助技能的导游人员等相应的安全保障措施。但根据查明事实,地接社安排的地接人员未取得导游证,不具有从事导游活动的资格,也未携带相关的急救药物,地接人员未第一时间采取紧急救治措施,上述行为对抢救赵某的时间造成了一定的延误。另外,该团行程紧凑,容易诱发冠心病的发作。综上,法院认为地接社未尽到安全保障义务,亦未尽到救助义务,对赵某的死亡承担20%责任。   最后,法院判决旅行社向赵某家属赔偿医疗费、丧葬费、死亡赔偿金等共计17万余元。宣判后,赵某的家属提起上诉。   北京晨报记者 黄晓宇 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章:

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