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Arts-and-Entertainment Behavioral problems in kids are nothing new. Lying, disrespectful, bully, obnoxious, oppositional defiance, not listening, ADD/ADHD are very .mon problems in children irregardless of age group. Some kids even show signs of anger and abusive. The question is "How do we as parents manage the situation?’. Have you ever thought about "Why Does My Child Act This Way?’. James Lehman, Behavioral Therapist has the answer to it in the Total Transformation Program. He explains that children reasoning skills are not fully developed and they are not tactful in handling situations. Given their poor problem solving skills, they simply do not know how to handle situations and often see themselves as victims. As a result, they often have a sad story to tell. If something happens to them at school, they blame the teacher or anyone else. Children tell their sad story as if they are victimized. And the longer they hold on to the sad story, they thought they would not be held accountable for their own actions which may had caused the incident in the first place. Next, James explains that parents should focus is the behavior story instead. The behavior story is what the child did to other people as a result of their sad story like acting out, bullying, obnoxious, defiance or disrespect behavior. Parents should tackle that issue instead because behavior story is the cause of bad behavior. Indeed true. As a mother of 2, I agree with James techniques. Only if each and every parents are able to relate behavior story of their children in every incident and look at it as the primary point of the problem, bad behavior can be tactfully addressed. Next, if you feel angry, it is no longer a feeling. It a problem. It is problem because children will tend to direct their full attention to your anger, not your teaching. Whatever you say or .municate will not be as effective as if you were to say it in a calm and collected manner. So, you may now probably have some clue of why does your child act this way. James Lehman Total Transformation Program is really about how to parent in a way that children will listen and be respectful. This award winning program had sold over 200,000 copies. This behavior modification program .es in seven CDs and Jump Start DVD, Parent Workshop DVD, Bonus One Minute Transformation CD and a workbook. Find out how you can get this program worth $327 for free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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