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Top with a high price Geely imperial GL Car Buying manual long spell spell crude is a very common form of competition, in this era of long and thick in great things and not what bad thing I don’t like, that is the size of the car. Do not know who opened a precedent in the country launched the so-called long axis version, the Chinese people began to have the concept of wheelbase. Of course, the longer wheelbase can be understood to have more space (but not absolutely), for most of the car is only for domestic people, sacrifice a little more space for the control, the price is unchanged, Why not?. Geely imperial GL listed live back to the price of 7.88-11.38 million yuan said. In recent years, the rapid rise of the independent brand cars attainments of Geely, surely we should remember the cross-border SUV imperial GS, main market of young imperial GS, certainly gave us no small surprise, whether it is design, configuration, material, believe that every person experienced people will impress. After Geely launched another vehicle, imperial GL. Also the new Geely 3 platform to build on, not only inherits the excellent configuration, imperial GS fine workmanship, elegant (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) design, the wheelbase compared to competitors also belong to the forefront. Analysis of the imperial GL model configuration below us, and choose a most worth buying cars. Geely imperial GL official guidance price models price (yuan) 1.8L-6MT aggressive 7.881.8L-6MT elite 8.581.8L-6DCT elite 9.581.3T-6MT elite 8.781.3T-6DCT elite 9.781.3T-6DCT distinguished type 10.781.3T-6DCT flagship 11.38 Geely imperial GL dynamic parameter comparison 1.8L T6 inline 4 cylinder twin turbo 98kW 6000rpm95kW 5500rpm maximum power maximum torque of 170N· m 4400rpm185Nm 1750-4500rpm 7.9L 100km8.5L integrated fuel consumption 100km 8 speed tiptronic transmission – basic configuration analysis – 1.8L-6MT aggressive official guidance price: 78 thousand and 800 yuan as low equipped models, the emperor Hao GL technology configuration is relatively scarce. But some other basic configuration or with other models, comparison. After all, the price here, more suitable for bulk procurement or public car. Geely imperial GLGL MT aggressive 1.8L appearance of the interior configuration of one lens distance light headlamp diamond LED daytime driving lights dazzling LED photoconductive taillights window with heating defrosting function of electric rearview mirror adjustment (defrost function, LED lights with heating) 16 inch double Aluminum Alloy wheel hub five spoke leather door trim 3.5 inch LCD HD instrument (with driving computer) foam multi-function steering wheel height adjustable function advanced fabric seat main driving seat 6 to manually adjust the copilot seat 4 to manually adjust the rear 64 body can be turned back)相关的主题文章:

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