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To introduce a simple and practical method of folding – Sohu technology last week, we talked about the PinDesign weekly on the design method of the topic, we seem to be very interested in this topic. There are a lot of members of the friends sent a message to discuss this topic, which has three members of a friend on the letter to ask the same question, I would like to know whether I have any special design methods can share. Those who like to talk to the weekly case, they use a specific method is many of you understand or already in use, is merely a combination of different ways, the really important is the need to combine the business status and to determine the formation of fast and effective tool. However, since you ask, I think I still have a more interesting way to share with you, it is estimated that the "folding design" bar. Every year we have new designers to join, Landing to the team after a period of time will generally find some more complex projects to help exercise. Some designers have been doing very well on a daily basis, but when it comes to more complex projects, they start to mess up. For example, some time ago, a classmate took over the client’s Detail page revision work. In the process, he encountered a little problem, because the larger the amount of information on the page, the business requirements are very high, do not know how to start a time. In fact, the problems in all kinds of revision of the project particularly, when changing the information content on the page after how to integrate information, re combing and become a very important step in the design process, is also a crucial step to start. In order to ensure a good sort of information, usually I will suggest to all of the information in the page (such as the floating layer, page) in a page from top to bottom are displayed, and then according to the demands of business re finishing and then folded to form the final page structure. I call this a "folding design". First, for example, the following figure is the application of Fancy Detail Page screenshot, we try to restore a design process in accordance with this idea. Suppose we need to design such a page now but don’t know how to adjust my first step to do is to complete all the information page from top to bottom all strung out, to make sure we know what we have to deal with what information. To make it easier to show, I’ll take it apart into two columns. If we do not consider the specific design, so much of the information is what we want to show to the user. But if we do the page display to the user, the user should soon be gone. Because there is no focus, it is difficult for users to get a quick understanding of the focus of the product through this page. So we need to sort out the information above. For the same type of information integration will eventually turn them into the following types: picture preview information interactive information commodity purchase specifications detailed description of goods store information of similar goods recommend this plan相关的主题文章:

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