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Software Tips 1: Use your phone as little as possible until you recover deleted photos That aims to prevent file overwriting by new data. In fact, deleted photo files aren"t erased from phone memory or memory card space after deletion. Then file system just make them invisible, while the space is available to write. If you perform more on you Samsung Galaxy phone, the possibility of Samsung Galaxy deleted photos recovery will me smaller. 1. No new data saving 2. No data transferring. 3. Don"t run the apps which will generate new data to phone internal memory or external memory card. 4. The most important thing, don" take photos any more. Tips 2: Free you phone or its memory card memory You may wonder that why I have this opinion. You know, the more free space in then phone or memory card can reduce the opportunity of data overwriting. It is necessary to get rid of something old which isn"t necessary in your phone. That is helpful! of course, you can also move and backup them to another storage media whatever, This operation also can speed up the scanning process when you use recovery tool. Tips 3: Preparation to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy To restore lost photos from Samsung Galaxy phone, if you have backup in cloud server, such as Gmail account, dropbox, facebook, etc. After photo loss, you just can sync them back via your account. However, if you don"t have backup, you need the a good USB cable of your phone, a Windows PC and a effective Android data recovery software. Tip 4: How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy without backup For Samsung Android phone data recovery in no backup case, the only way is using Android data recovery software, such as Tenorshare Android Data Recovery. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is professional data recovery software for Android. It can recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note 2/Note 3 and other model in this series. And it can support any version of Android OS. Just 4 steps, you can get back deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy: Step I: Download Tenorshare Android Data Reocvery and install to your Windows computer. Step II: Launch the tool and connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to computer, then make the phone be detected by software(just following the guides in the software interface) Step III: Choose "Photo Recovery" mode, and allow the software scan your phone. Step VI: After scanning, choose the photos you want to recover. Here, anything about Samsung phone deleted photos recovery is done. About the Author: With the powerful photography capacity of Samsung Galaxy phone, people love to take photos with it. However, we is always easy to delete photos accidentally, you can find so many "ask for help" about Samsung Galaxy photos recovery on the web. Therefore, learning how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy is necessary! Article Published On: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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