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Tianrun crankshaft set by the plan released Jiuding capital operation track exposure hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you day after each intern reporter Mo Shu Ting each reporter Yang Jian has a "PE the first" you said Jiuding investment, the capital market has been much attention. The evening of September 19th, Tianrun crankshaft release set by the plan, intends to 770 million yuan acquisition of Dongguan ambitious perfect auto parts industry chain. This release plan, opened a corner of the track of the operation of capital investment jiuding. The acquisition of Dongguan Tianrun crankshaft Tianrun crankshaft hung the evening of September 19th, the release set by the plan, the proposed price of 770 million yuan premium of 42.46% acquisition of Chongqing JDT, Jiuding, MMP holds 100% stake in Dongguan ambitious, the cash price of 300 million yuan. In addition, Tianrun crankshaft Xiang Ding Li Jiuding intends to non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds of not more than 470 million yuan to pay cash for the transaction price, investment in Wuzhou Hongtu high precision Aluminum Alloy key parts of automobile engine manufacturing project, to pay agency fees. The investment treasure (WeChat public number: mjtzb2) noted that in fact the crankshaft Tianrun planning to adjust the structure of products, targeting the high-end market has been a long time. In December 3, 2015, Tianrun crankshaft and Jiuding signed a "strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides jointly proposed a strategic partnership in the field of new materials, automotive components and other high-end components downstream of the core areas and overseas investment. In the relevant announcement in December last year, Tianrun crankshaft also said that with the signing of the agreement Jiuding, to increase the company’s project reserves, is conducive to enhance the company’s future profitability. Later, due to the lightweight structure and parts production enterprises to discuss cooperation matters, Tianrun crankshaft shares suspended since March 23, 2016 opening. After confirmation, the company planning major events constitute a major asset restructuring. Jiuding company’s "fire" in search of the crankshaft Tianrun set by the plan, each by the investment treasure (WeChat public number: mjtzb2) learned that Dongguan had been hung is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, financed by the MMP subscription, the paid in capital of nearly $310 million, and in September 20, 2015, MMP will hold its Dongguan ambitious 79% Hong Kong dollar equity price of 401 million transferred to Chongqing jiuding. After the completion of the equity transfer, Dongguan hung by a wholly foreign-owned enterprise change to Sino foreign joint ventures, Chongqing Jiuding, MMP investment amounted to HK $245 million and 65 million yuan, respectively of the total investment ratio of 79% and 21%. It is worth noting that, as a general partner of Chongqing Jiuding Jiuding Investment Company Limited, the company is a listed company Jiuding investment company ltd.. In May 31, 2016, Tianrun crankshaft and Jiuding investment signed a major asset restructuring framework agreement, officially opened its acquisition of the subject’s veil. The agreement said, Tianrun crankshaft intends to acquire Jiuding investment management fund subsidiary has hung on manufacturing相关的主题文章:

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