Three cross-strait calligraphy exhibition to commemorate the Fujian Zhangpu Wei Hui Temple 1300 Anni-yuanmu

Three cross-strait calligraphy exhibition to commemorate the Fujian Zhangpu Wei Hui Temple 1300 Anniversary – the new network for people to visit the exhibition. Lv Ming photo Beijing, September 24 Zhangpu Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yu) 24 days, by the participation of Gushi, Fujian from Henan Zhangpu, Taiwan Yilan artists on both sides of the three works of calligraphy and painting exhibition opening in Fujian, Zhangpu Wei Hui temple, Zhang Kai King cultural exchange and Zhangpu Wei Hui Temple Temple 1300 anniversary of cross strait a gift. The exhibition showcases written, written at the three places of the masterpieces of more than 90 pieces of works, forms, styles, elegant style, distinctive personality, full of three local profound history and culture, and give up the blood, and the fate of God relationship. Zhangpu county Party Committee Propaganda Minister Lin Suhong said in his speech, the Chinese nation has a fine tradition of reverence for his ancestors, dun Qinmu family. After thousands of years, people have not forgotten the ancestors to the footsteps, did not forget the side branching of the family. This time held three cross-strait calligraphy exhibition is an important link to promote the three affection, nostalgia, friendship. "Zhang historical Memorial Day in Zhangpu at the same time Wei Hui temple. The main body includes "Shu min insurgency" and "developed by the state", "Zhang Kai King culture" in three parts, according to Zhang historical order related historical materials and pictures of the exhibit, affiliated hall also exhibited Zhang Kai King Chen Yuanguang and the heads of the genealogical table. According to historical records, the early Tang Dynasty, Chen Zheng and his son Chen Yuanguang led more than 3 thousand soldiers, from the Central Plains to the south of Fujian, Xiao Pingding chaos, pioneering territory, the bandits are frequent and The people are destitute. wilderness, become rich seat area. Chen Yuanguang six generations, developed by the state for 150 years, and was later enshrined in the "Zhang Kai king". Kaiyuan four years (716 years), Tang Xuanzong decreed that "the martyr’s Shrine in Zhangpu West Zhenling application" (i.e. the Zhangpu Wei Hui Temple), dedicated to Chen Yuanguang and Zhang sages. Zhangpu Wei Hui Temple became established at home and abroad Chao Zhang Kai King ancestor temple, is the cross strait 87 surname Zhang descendants of soldiers in the ancestral temple. President of the Taiwan Yilan Jianhu hall Cultural Association attended the opening ceremony, Chen Wenlong said, one thousand and three hundred years, Zhangpu Wei Hui temple incense spread all over the world is in Fujian and Taiwan, Southeast Asia is the world’s historical and cultural landmarks, Zhang Kai King faithful heart spirit home. Hold the memorial and the completion of the painting and calligraphy exhibition is the sages of the memorial, the spirit of the spread. It is reported that the cross-strait cultural exchange and Zhangpu Zhang Kai King Wei Hui Temple Temple 1300 anniversary was listed as key projects of the Taiwan Affairs Office Taiwan exchanges, 25 days will be held at the opening ceremony and ritual ceremony, then from Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Henan province Gushi County, the temple represents more than a thousand people will open. Zhang Sheng wang. (end)相关的主题文章:

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