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This is not just a shop – Sohu eat and drink a few heavy rain, so that the fall of Beijing to speed up the arrival of the footsteps. Cool weather is not so that we need to put some meal autumn fat, it seems that the only way to resist the coming winter. The ice on it as Beijing high quality, taste like barbecue shop, in the cool autumn, bring us more choices, more kinds of dishes, more warm. The launch of the new product, not only in the string of goods more than a few minutes of innovation, the most surprising is that the addition of specialty dishes. Abstract: teriyaki cuttlefish cuttlefish skin baked, with a thin layer of skin, Q elastic taste, chewy, with special teriyaki sauce, delicious sweet son was back. The Thai Chicken Skewer: tender chicken cooked properly, after secret materials cured more tasty. Rich sauce wrapped chicken surface, sweet taste really amazing to my taste. The crispy roasted pig ears: eat pig ears are cold mostly, the first time to eat roast pig ear, baked pig ear more fragrant, crisp dry. With cumin pepper pig ears have a taste. Abstract: pork broth roasted sweet but not greasy, processing in place, has no taste better preserved after delicious soft rotten. Abstract: Roast Chicken claw big feet more, bite down you can see, whether it is pre curing or behind baking are under a lot of effort. Come, let us do this only fat chicken feet. Abstract: in general, mustard mustard chicken feed in common, people love to hate. Did not expect to barbecue, chicken wings and a collocation, little more than a mustard mustard flavor, not strong pungent aftertaste that is unique. The roasted smoked pork was rich in collagen had more and more diners favorite. The first pig by smoking, will be more soft, tasty, grilled pork will make the increase of Q play the greasy taste, praising. The end of the several creative new skewers, next is cooking series, either homemade or creative cuisine, cooking, taste a large amount of people of the north foot, highlighting the temperament. The beef ribs: soft rotten beef ribs and chewing Jin full of tasty stew, sensual feeling overwhelmed, white radish soup materials in essence, both meat also reveals a hint of sweet. Abstract: pickled pepper hemp Basa sour, pepper oil is nourishing smell, the fish was completely absorbed, Liuzhou large fish, tender meat, sweet and sour taste rich, fresh linen, worthy of recommendation. The gift was the first time to eat mushroom chrysanthemum chrysanthemum to chrysanthemum bacteria bacteria, Baidu benefits specifically: Qingrejiedu, Mingmu eye. To eat a fresh mouth, is an excellent health vegetable dish. The smell of lemon sour soup thick tender beef: shrimp soup, special taste plus curry, wrapped in a large tender beef, smooth and fresh taste, sour smell of incense, warm is suitable for this cold season. There are dry pot crisp bamboo, pineapple Deep-Fried Dough Sticks shrimp, fish consumption in rivers and lakes…… The ice on it in the fall, add too many new products.相关的主题文章:

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