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The elder prepared pregnant, let your pregnancy prepare gas rises – Sohu maternal as we all know, the best pregnant female age is between 25 to 30 years old, more than 35 year old prepare pregnant women belong to older mothers. However, the modern society is generally married late, until the enjoyment of the world is ready to have a baby two years of age was found to be too large, this time we must seize the opportunity to get pregnant in one fell swoop! So, how to do a good pregnancy? Today we take a look at: the hormone secretion to adjust normal elderly pregnancy, "science is an important matter of menstruation with" pre pregnancy preparation. The so-called menstruation refers to the adjustment period, the menstrual period of menstruation, length of right, by the amount of normal, because there may be less endometrial is too thin, will not easily make implantation. In addition, color depth and the pain of the situation, in the range of menstruation. The belt is to adjust the vaginal secretions. Too much body secretions are wet, can cause infertility, too little will cause vaginal dryness, sexual intercourse difficult, of course, it is difficult to conceive. In addition, the depth of anxiety will make women stop ovulation, when you decide to have a child, you should learn how to eliminate the anxiety, such as yoga, breathing training or anything that can make you feel relaxed activities. In a good mood, no depression and trouble state, are responsible for the mission of the conception of life, the husband should pay attention to and let his wife orgasm, it to a healthy and intelligent child is obtained. Depression is not conducive to the development of fetal body and emotional quotient. Therefore, expectant mothers to dispel the pessimistic mood of depression, and more to breathe fresh air outdoors, take part in social activities, the husband should be more understanding and understanding of his wife, to guide his wife to control their emotions. Psychological factors can cause intrapartum dystocia and fetal hypoxia, give birth to maintain good mental state, to avoid the fear of anxiety and other adverse psychological. The other thing to do to maintain a standard weight is to maintain a standard weight. Too fat or too thin will affect the secretion function in adverse pregnancy, even more baby born suffering from diarrhea and respiratory disease risk. Too fat or too thin at the mother postpartum recovery is also unfavorable, will increase the risk of pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, gestational diabetes. The woman is too thin, fat enough normal number, there will be endocrine disorders, pregnancy is not easy. Thin people to the estrogen level is low, not easy to conceive. This is because the woman is out of the normal ovarian secretion of estrogen, and cause menstrual cycle disorder or even amenorrhea, the data showed that 6% of the patients with infertility etiology is underweight. In addition, too skinny women vulnerable to malnutrition, the endometrium is a barren soil, the fertilized egg implantation is very difficult. The woman is too fat, it is difficult to conceive, even if there will be a variety of risks pregnant. Maternal obesity may lead to increased complications during pregnancy. The incidence rate of hypertension was 50%. Another major complication was gestational diabetes, which was 4 times more likely than the average expectant mother. Also, obesity makes expectant mothers.相关的主题文章:

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