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Arts-and-Entertainment For instance, city governments need to maintain citywide sewer and street planning records, Kessler said, so they can be searched quickly by other city or county officials – or by citizens – looking for pertinent information. christian louboutin Though the advice seems counterintuitive, engineers should beware of maintaining every single record, he added. While storing reams of electronic "paper" is certainly easier on computer servers than within file cabinets, reams of information might get firms into legal trouble, too. Christian Louboutin Pumps That’s because, legally, engineering firms need to turn over all documents related to a lawsuit. Anything relevant to the case – even if the firm wasn’t mandated to have maintained it – must be turned over. And therein some compromising information may lie. "Once you anticipate or have litigation, you have an absolute requirement to keep everything you know or should know is relevant to the case," Burg said. christian shoes "The more stuff you’re not using for any reason is clutter and it clogs the lawyer’s discovery process," Kessler said. "Look at your e-mail box. About 90 percent of what’s in there has no value. That’s the idea of getting rid of things with no value." Christian Louboutin Boots sale Above legal costs, engineering companies face basic business costs when they choose to maintain every document, design, or file that crosses every engineer’s desk, Burg said. "No one wants to rent out another office so they can store their files," he said. "But because electronic storage is so convenient and relatively cheap, people tend to maintain everything. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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