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These values by Yan superior appliance I see not to speak (original title: "the yen value high explosive, household appliances, a look too happy") lead: for a long time, household appliances in our concept has been practical first, what kind of a second, key is good and affordable, which of course yes. In retrospect, the childhood home of Wahson brand fan, snowflake brand refrigerator is used for ten or twenty years, although it looks long and outdated, but not with a smoothly out of trouble, at home also don’t think unsightly, but people always can feel the feeling of intimacy. (source: Fruit library network Author: heheda) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Compared with the old domestic appliances, since a treasure with various from nowhere to gradually invaded many families, because the price is cheap, the request of them also can be used on the basic is "good", after a considerable period of time only to find the home do not know what time from the beginning of style has changed. So now the things in the room are very cautious, and sometimes even want to spend a little money to buy a nice home appliances, it is also a decoration! Therefore see design lighthanded appliances often can’t help pin down, and also gradually many, now share to everyone. By the way, in order to give you more good things, like MUJI, Dyson these fruit library friends are more familiar with the brand today, skip it. SMEG speaking of high value Yan home appliances brand, the first thought is SMEG, household appliances company founded in 1948 also represents the Italian industrial design, rounded shape and color always reminds me of the "Roman holiday" in the Vespa motorcycle. Many people believe that the impression of the SMEG is from those who make a bright start of the refrigerator, but you know, the world’s first electronic ignition device is also produced by the stove. Followed, in 1963, they developed a drum washing machine of stainless steel, I want to say is, SMEG drum washing machine is of high value to overflowing ah yan! Never thought to add a door to the washing machine will be such a big change, of course, the price is not cheap, this LBB retro series of drum washing machine prices are basically more than twenty thousand yuan. Gorenje love retro design, choice is more than SMEG, Gorenje is the famous home appliance brand in Slovenia, and at the same time as SMEG, also attaches great importance to its products personalized and unique. This retro series refrigerator is only in recent years to launch, but also won the essence, it is through the sense as an automatic defrosting refrigerator with fast cooling function, including wine and glass shelves, but really want to buy about mainly fancy appearance, price and SMEG be roughly the same. Gorenje is a series of other home appliances go another way, but the same spirit is the feeling of beauty. .相关的主题文章:

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